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Posted by bparini | Nov 02, 2014 @ 10:48 AM | 8,553 Views
Hi folks,
Here my Ultra Micro FPV Plug and Play!

Input power: 2.2-5V
Power consumption: 285mA @ 5V
Frequency: 5.8GHz (8 Channels with Pushbutton selection)
Output power: 10-100mW (Adjustable with variable resistor)
Weight: 3.7 grams

Part lists
1x Pololu - 5V Step-Up Voltage Regulator U3V12F5 (3,95 US$)
1x FPVHobby - 5.8 GHz AVTx (39 US$)
1x FPVHobby - 1 gram Pal Camera (54 US$)

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Posted by bparini | Oct 26, 2014 @ 05:56 PM | 28,830 Views
Hi folks,
Here my mod to flown P2 with any brand of LiPo. In my case with the Turnigy Multistar 3S 10C 5200mah

Part List:
1x Used DJI Smart Battery (I used my puffed battery)
1x 3S balance cable
1x Male XT60 connector
Turnigy MultiStar 10C 5200mah

Steps to Power-On:

1. Power-On the Remote Control
2. Connect the LiPo balance cable
3. Power-On the Smart Battery board
4. Connect the Lipo XT60
5. Wait for GPS Fix and flight!

Steps to Reset the Smart Battery board:
1. Push and hold the buttom
2. Connect the LiPo Balance cable
3. Disconnect the LiPo Balance cable and release the buttom