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Posted by JUDD-RC.id.au | Sep 07, 2010 @ 05:48 AM | 20,473 Views
I love free plans. I hope you do too.
Ive built my website http://JUDD-RC.id.au to help share those plans.
My plane plans are made simple so that you can build it and fly it in a matter of hours. I normally use quill foamboard as I got on clearance from Officeworks for $2.40/box of 5 sheets 700mmX500mm. It retails at $10/sheet on the shelf so I really got a bargain.
The construction is simple and repairs even simpler. The material does however come in heavier than depron but its cheaper and more durable and can be sprayed by aerosol paint(the cheaper the better)
My list of completed plans
F22 100%
EF2000 100%
SR-71 100%
F15 90%
F18 100%
Space Shuttle 90%
Trainer 100%
Warhawk 100%
and more plans are in the works like the SU47 the X29 B2 etc etc.
I welcome your thoughts and input into my builds but most of all I hope you enjoy them and treat them in the same manner as I do and thats for maximum fun.
In other words you arent going to cry over 50cents of foam if you crash it into a pole or a tree if you are trying some stunt flying..

Have Fun


RC F-15 Strike Eagle (4 min 5 sec)

RC SR-71 (3 min 56 sec)
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