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Posted by 6literZ | Sep 05, 2010 @ 09:36 AM | 3,758 Views
Sooooo the wind died down, and I fixed the fuse since the last incident in 25mph winds.

Sunday morning went out at 7:30a with wind at about 5mph. Cg at ~79mm. Feels nose heavy.

I actually flew it!!!!wooooo!!

Had a close call a few times. Throws are way to high. And I'm not used to flying a glider.

Lost it in the sun. Came out going down 15 feet. Managed to correct and land. Whoa.

Had a good half hour of flying and launching.

Until!!! I was giving it a good launch toward the horizon and accidentally clicked off launch elevator. Couldn't grab the up stick soon enough. It went in pretty fast. Fuse broke in the same spot as before. Showing a pretty good compression break.

My radio is a heli radio. So the spring trainer switch is on the wrong side. So I'm using the 3 pos switch for launch. It's an awkward position. I
Blame that. Lol

Lesson. Throw more upward. Don't click off switch early.