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Posted by DeadTom | May 31, 2020 @ 10:34 AM | 4,716 Views
I will post some pictures of the nearly finished shop. I purchased the steel shop shell back at the end of 2016. Construction didn't start until early 2017 as I had to reorganize the area of the backyard where the shop was to be built. This included moving a shed I had built to hold the power tools and gardening stuff; it's size is 10' x 14', unloaded, turned 90 degrees and set on a new base of blocks. but before that I had to dig up the power I had installed years ago. After all of that my older brother and I used his survey equipment to lay in the shop floor. He also brought over some small equipment to dig the foundation and footings for the shop. The local concrete company came in at great expense and formed, poured and had the concrete done all in one day. They even added more rebar and added fibers to the mix and made it much much better than the plans called for.
After the concrete cured, I layed the base plates down as per plans. Then my older and younger brothers along with my father came over and we had a shop raising party. My father was more of a foreman than laborer, anyways it was great that he was there.
I will start with some pictures of the shop nears it's completion and then as I dig up more photos add them for posterity.