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Posted by yufasa | Sep 28, 2014 @ 08:21 PM | 4,113 Views
I got a new Xoar 20x10 prop and a couple of new batteries and wow does she fly well now. It may even be my new favorite plane...

The wife took (a very short as she forgot to hit record) some video of my flying it.
Need to balance the prop as it vibrated the heck out of my canopy. Just could not wait to go and fly it first.

Posted by yufasa | Sep 04, 2014 @ 06:07 PM | 4,528 Views
One of the guys at the field wanted to get rid of his 71" AJ Slick so I told him I will give him $600 PNF.

I gave him $300 deposit so nobody else can grab it and will give him the rest this weekend.

It is in spotless condition and comes complete with 5000mAh 6S batteries, Hacker motor, Castle Creations Speed control (probably will replace it with a Graupner) and servo's. Since I fly Graupner radio gear I don't need his spectrum receiver. Placed an order for yet another 12 Channel receiver. ($75)

I cannot wait for this weekend so I can start playing with the new plane!

Got the plane today. Put my receiver in it right away and after a thorough once over and some trimming, I put it in the air. The plane track really well and I performed some 3D maneuvers like harriers and torque rolls.
This is where I ran into problems. I had now power to pull out.
I am not sure where the issue is, but I will look into a few things:
1. Change the prop - it has a 19X10 plastic prop on right now.
2. Batteries - the ones I got with the plane (6S-5000mAh) may not be in the best shape and I may want to change to 8S.
3. Motor - Not sure what to do here yet.

Time to head on over to the very large thread on it here on RCGroups..
Posted by yufasa | Sep 04, 2014 @ 05:34 PM | 5,513 Views
As I mentioned before I splurged a bit and bought a Graupner radio system at Toledo.
This radio has telemetry built in and you can view your flight log for each flight.
Really cool stuff.

Of course this means that I now needed to spend some more money, because what is the telemetry worth if you don't feed it data.
I ordered the Graupner HoTT +T 60 BEC Brushless ESC w/Telemetry (Part: GRSJ33760) from EspritModels.
A bit expensive if you are used to cheap Chinese controllers, but the bug had me so I got the ESC. Note that this controller can operate cars and boats too. Yes it programmable to reverse etc.

This ESC feeds the transmitter information on current, voltage and RPM.

When the ESC arrived I slapped it into my Addiction X and started playing with the telemetry on the MZ-24. You can set alarm points for the voltage so you know when your pack is running low. Nice.

Right of I noticed that the prop would stop dead when I pull back on the stick and being a bit of a techie I navigated to the ESC setting screen on the remote. Did I mention that you can program it from the remote? I adjusted the brake settings up and down to no effect.
After a couple of hours I decided to RTFM. Yes, I am one of those guys who don't read the manual because I am clever enough to figure it out, mostly...
As it turns out you need to calibrate the throttle like you do with most ESC's and a part of this calibration procedure actually sets whether or not to use the brakes like for a car or boat. Grrr...
Well, lesson learned and now the prop spins freely when I pull back on the stick.

I have now flown the Addiction X a lot with the new ESC and it stays cool to the touch and the throttle control is really smooth. No complaints here.

I will try a post a video one of these days so you can see the Addiction X with this ESC.

Posted by yufasa | Sep 01, 2014 @ 03:37 PM | 3,469 Views
So I drove down to Toledo this year taking the family with me. (I know that was a long time ago, but I was busy)

I spent a lot of money, not just at the show but treated everyone for the weekend. Hey, we don't travel too much so...

Anyway, back to the planes...

I bought three large purchase items:
1) Addiction X with full power package. That set me back a pretty penny.
2) Graupner MZ-24 radio. Very nice!
3) Graupner Polaron charger.

First the Addiction:
There is a large thread on RCGroups about this plane and putting it together was very easy. Now, I having said that, I have built many planes so your experience may vary.

This plane is very light, but don't equate that with weak. I have seen a video of the plane taking a tumble and taking only minor damage. So little in fact that it was put back in the air immediately.

I picked the blue one, mostly because the purple was out, but now I am very happy with the color scheme. I don't fly high or far with the plane as it was built for close up 3D and that I am practicing.

I put in the PA recommended power system and the plane balanced without adding any aditional weight.

Filght report:
I am not an expert 3D pilot, but this thing makes me look good! I am performing harriers like a pro and hanging it from the prop is a lot easier - I am now touching the tail with no fear like a 16 year old

I can also see the confidence leaking over into how I fly my other planes. I am not doing tail touches with my 1/4 scale, but I am having a lot more fun with it!

I am using batteries from ValueHobby.com and so far I have no complaints. Getting 9 minutes on a 2200mAh battery with lots of 3D thrown in.

This is now by goto plane when the wind is not too strong - winds above 12mph makes it interesting to fly, but not impossible. It is just a lot more fun with less wind.