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Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 25, 2021 @ 03:47 PM | 10,785 Views
I wish the maker would publish a decent assembly manual. They have on on their web site but it is not really up to date with the changes that have been made to the kit.
I've messed up but learned to fix my mistakes in life. Still pisses me off. Its really good to build two or three of the same airplanes, then one makes no errors.
Looking at the fuselage there are two indents in the wing root. One is for the wires and the other is for an undefined wing retention system. The round opening is behind the spar and is for wires. the rectangular indent is in front of the spar.
So I looked at it and thought the rectangular indent was for a MPX connector, its about the right size. So I made the holes in the wing root. Then I noticed the wires were on the wrong side of the spar! Yikes, I needed to infill this hole and make another one.
I looked at the G10 parts and saw two tabs and thought these must be used to hold the wings on. So, I glued them in the first hole I made. The tabs will pass into the fuselage and I'll connect them with rubber bands or one small nylon cable tie. The idea is the wings can move during a rough landing. Other gliders have the wings held on with tape, which provides the same service. There is not enough of a root to use tape on the Graecalis.
Then I'm looking at the fuselage and rudder. Where are the tabs for the rudder hinge? They are glued in the wing. Oh crap. I'll have to make new ones from G10.
The wing is finished , except for the graphics. I'm...Continue Reading
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 24, 2021 @ 10:04 AM | 11,268 Views
I like gliders with big fuselages. I have F3F racers and thermal sailplanes with barely enough room to fit a 17650 battery. I have not flown this one yet. Its heavy at 5kg. I plan to use a short bungee to launch it off the slope. I may add provisions for aero towing too. I considered putting a motor in it, but decided to keep it a pure glider. But I could retrofit a motor later.
I got a custom set of graphics for it. It really came out cool.
Gliders-IT is an Italian company. The owners bought X-models a while back. The sailplanes are made in Poland and the quality is quite high. But these are not easy models to build. They consider the control horns and bulkheads (formers) to be an accessory. You have to pay an additional 50euro for the kit. Since I bought the model from the USA dealer (Soaring USA) I ordered the kit directly from Italy, I ended up spending $100 for the wood parts and G10 control horns. Decent instructions or drawings do not exist. The kits are for builders with some experience. I have a Mibo Swift and it was similar, but I found plenty of build logs on a German forum (RC-Network). If my Bhyon flies like the Swift I will be very happy.
I tried to research the origins of this airplane. I think it was an Italian design that started out as a built up balsa and plywood model. Then a fiberglass fuselage was added, and eventually ended as a fully molded airplane. The flaps and ailerons are still old school top hinged. I add tape to seal the gap....Continue Reading
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 23, 2021 @ 05:04 PM | 10,437 Views
She flew so nice. This was the second I destroyed within one year. Number went straight in, either pilot error or some undefined malfunction. But I managed 14 happy flights before that.
This puppy ate it, because I failed to put a power jumper between the Jeti CB200 and the Cortex Pro. The CB200 is definitely not needed for this airplane. Its light years better to use a REX12 and keep it simple. But I had this CB200 laying about and thought it would clean up the cables and I could use a REX7.
So it goes...
Posted by jimbo12 | Feb 23, 2021 @ 04:21 PM | 10,603 Views
I seem to be on a streak of stupid mistakes. I have 40+ years building model airplanes and still have not made every mistake.
1. I placed a new landing gear controller in my turbine powered mini Avanti. But I was missing a jumper between the Jeti CB200 and Cortex Pro. The airplane was flown sucesfully before the new LG control was installed. And it all bench tested A-ok. However, the first flight overloaded the RX input/outputs of the CB 200 which cause both receivers to loose power. The crash was a total loss. I guess I was lucky the airplane didn't hit me. It crashed 20ft away.

2. I messed up my Joker during the 1st and 2nd flights because I tried to land too fast. One trailing link of the main gear was busted. A small hole in the wing from that. The front of the fuselage has cracks near the front gear mount due to over loads. There is no good way to fix the fuselage because one cannot get behind the cracks for repair. A good repaint will require a ton of bondo.
But that was not enough. I was looking at the fuselage canopy interface and noticed it was off a bit. I think maybe the fuse is a bit bent. I thought to apply a little heat to teh canopy frame to make it conform. As a result I deformed the canopy. I should have known the heat would do this. So, I have to replace the canopy.

3, Just spend a few hours laying out the wire connection holes for a sailplane. I made the holes perfectly but in the wrong spot! I have to infill the holes and start again.