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Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Oct 17, 2019 @ 07:02 AM | 4,957 Views
Hiiiiii friends!

RadioLink has recently launched a new aircraft, fixed wing A560 and is now inviting all RC fans who are interested in fixed wing to make reviews. We will send you this fixed wing A560 as free gift with freight cost covered!

Features of A560
  • The exclusive and expertly tuned flight controller algorithm makes A560 possible to flight even in limited space including indoors
  • Handy enough for beginners with specially developed flight controller but enjoyable with free styles for fixed wing experts
  • Compact size (560mm of wingspan), super lightweight (139.5g) and extremely durable PP foam airframe
  • Factory-installed flight controller, servos and power systems with approximate assembly time of less than 10mins
  • Super-simple transmitter setup- no complex programming required
  • Powerful brushless motors compatible with 2S 660mAh batteries with flight time of more than 10mins
  • Completion Level: Bind-N-Fly
  • Minimum Required Radio: all R/C supported with SBUS/PPM signals

Click to know more about A560.

A560 Flight with Single Hand (2 min 45 sec)

A560 Vertical Flight (0 min 44 sec)
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Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Oct 09, 2019 @ 10:55 PM | 3,988 Views
With the three new receivers R8F, R7FG and R4FGM launched, here is the updated info of all RadioLink receivers available.

If you can't find your receiver model in the table, we are sorry to tell you that it has been stopped production. But you can click
to know more features such as the compatible #radio , output signal. etc
Thank you for your support all the time
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Oct 09, 2019 @ 05:00 AM | 2,608 Views
As we always value feedback from customers and put your needs as our top priority, RadioLink recently has launched three new receivers !


RC fans can have more options basing on the actual needs such as the RX channels, gyro, two-way transmission,etc..

All are NOW available in our AliExpress Global
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Sep 02, 2019 @ 05:39 AM | 3,043 Views
How to check signals when using Radiolink AT9S/AT10II /AT9 /AT10

Check if the antennas of transmitter and receiver are damaged, especially the ones on receiver. The silver part at the front of the antenna is the most important as it’s the feeder line.
If the feeder line is damaged, keep flying will cause the unstable internal current which weaken the signal.

Check the RSSI value.
① Power on the transmitter and receiver with both antennas parallel and straight and within the distance of 30cm. (as picture attached below)
② Then check the RSSI value. Range between 0~-30dBM is normal and if the value gets closer to 0, the signal is stronger. If the value is between -30~-90, signal is not good and the control distance would be limited.

Check the flight environment of the antennas are all right and RSSI value is normal within the range
① Check if there is electricity substation or high voltage cable or wifi nearby.
② Check if the antenna of tansmitter and receiver is damaged or welded joint
③ Installation: try not get the receiver close to ESC/galvanometer/ metal part of the flight
④ Let the end of the receiver antenna drooped and out to avoid the signal being blocked by the flight frame.
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Aug 19, 2019 @ 09:52 PM | 2,976 Views
Our latest launchedT8S isREADY TO ROCK !

With the super light weight of 142g , T8S has the brilliant communication performance as excellent as AT9S and AT10II and is perfectly handy for all kinds of models including Fixed Wing, Gliders, Multicopter, Cars and Boats.
  1. 2000m of Control Distance in air(with Radiolink R8EF receiver)
  2. Parameters Setup with Android APP
  3. SBUS/PPM/PWM Signal Output Supported
  4. Adapts to Multiple Models(Plane/Racing drone/Rc car/Rc boat )
  5. Programmable Mix Control
  6. Ergonomical Design with Small Dimension (162.5*95.5*57mm)
Follow our AliExpress Official, screenshot and contact the seller, you will geta $2 coupon for T8S !

More details please visit

Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Aug 13, 2019 @ 05:38 AM | 3,128 Views
After downloading the parameter setup APP in the android phone and powering on T8FB, an OTG cable which is packed with the T8FB, is needed .

Make sure the SMALLER end of the OTG cable is connected with the phone while the BIGGER end with the android USB cable.

(See picture here attached)

Note OTG function in Android phone should be activated first: Settings - Other settings - OTG Connection

More details about setup steps, please refer to the T8FB instruction manual downloaded from
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Aug 05, 2019 @ 05:49 AM | 3,942 Views
If you have the RadioLInk old products (RC3S/RC4G/RC4GS produced before 2018/RC6GS two-way switch version/T4EU/T4EU-6/T6EHP-E/T6EHP-S/T7F/T8FB without USB port, you are very welcome to join this #OLDTONEW.
That is, you can get a new replacement in a SUPER LOW price WITHOUT shipping the old ones back to us.
Yessss!! Just keep the old RadioLink product and have a brand new one!!!

All you need is to follow the below steps:
1/ Follow our RadioLink Facebook homepage
& AliExpress Official 👉
2/ Send a mail to [email protected] , including all necessary infos

Please click below links to have more details


Once we get your mail and all infos are verified, we will send you a link to place order.

Period: Till August 31

Feel free to send mails to [email protected] if you have any questions.
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Jul 25, 2019 @ 01:08 AM | 4,827 Views
1.Plug in the proper battery first
2.Press END on the left and Push on the right and power on simultaneously (00:00:29)
3.Enter the stick Calibration menu

4.Calibrate each channel one by one
* Press End to empty the data value
* Push Rudder stick to the LEFT and the value will change to minimum
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data value
* Toggle the Rudder stick at the center point
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data value
* Push Rudder stick to RIGHT
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data
* Push Rudder stick to UPWARD
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data
* Toggle the Rudder stick
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data
* Push Rudder stick to DOWNWARD
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data
* Push Throttle stick to UPWARD
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the data
* Move the Throttle stick to center point
* Press MODE to confirm and there will be [OK] shown on the screen
* Press End to empty the...Continue Reading
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Jul 19, 2019 @ 05:33 AM | 4,221 Views
As we all know that RadioLink product family is getting larger, sometimes we may get confused about the compatibility of different radios and receivers.

Here is a short list and hope it makes more clear.
  • R7FG -- RC4GS(After 20180101),RC6GS(3-position switch),T8FB
  • R12DS -- AT9,AT9S,AT10,AT10II
  • R12DSM -- AT9,AT9S,AT10,AT10II
  • R9DS -- AT9,AT9S,AT10,AT10II
  • R6DS -- AT9,AT9S,AT10,AT10II
  • R6DSM -- AT9,AT9S,AT10,AT10II
  • R8EF -- T8FB,RC4GS,RC6GS
  • R8FM -- T8FB,RC4GS,RC6GS

Please be kindly noted that RadioLink receivers are not compatible with transmitters of other brands. Vice versa.
Posted by RADIOLINKRC | Jul 11, 2019 @ 02:35 AM | 4,389 Views
Basing on the APM open source, RadioLink flight controller Mini Pix is developed with software algorithm of damping vibration and the hardware redesigned to achieve Alt-hold at super low height and Stable flight at super high speed so that Mini Pix is applicable to various of models including heli/fixed wing/multirotors/cars/boats and different fields such as transportation, agriculture, etc. As more and more overseas users have positive feedback about Mini Pix, the APM team approached us and we have provided them our hardware circuit and files in June, 2017. The APM team has developed the open source firmware basing on RadioLink Mini Pix hardware for the Mini Pix users.

Links about RadioLink Engineer RadiolinkW submitting Mini Pix files

To flash firmware

If the RadioLink Mini Pix is used for development, it is advised to flash the APM open source firmware version 3.6.0 or above. If used for RC fun/building models, choose RadioLink firmware version downloaded in RadioLink Mission Planner. Comparing with the open source firmware, firmware developed by RadioLink has better stability with the software filter algorithm added.

A. Flash Open Source Firmware
Click to flash the firmware in the open source Mission Planner downloaded via:
B.Flash RadioLink Firmware
Click to flash the firmware in the Mission Planner specially developed by RadioLink downloaded via:

All interface protocals of RadioLink Mini Pix are the same as the open source pix. Therefore, the parameter setup and usage are same as the open source pix.

1.Instruction Manual of RadioLInk Mini Pix

2.Documents of Open source Pix: