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Posted by rvincent | Dec 01, 2013 @ 07:20 PM | 18,395 Views
Hi Guys,
Just a quick note that with all the recent inquiries about the big motors we are going to try and get a new run of these coming. We will also do them in a couple different Kv's as to what the market wants. So please let me know what Kv you are looking for and I can get them going. We will partner with BillyD at www.usarcjets.com and he will be our exclusive dealer If the demand continues, we could develop more motors for fan combos I just need to know what those are. So please feel free to chime in and lets see where this goes!
Posted by rvincent | Nov 12, 2008 @ 09:52 PM | 27,530 Views
Well I've never used my blog before but should We at LS have HUGE plans coming! We are about to venture into a new realm of motor performance and really stand the EDF world on notice. We are about to make some new motors "Team Scream" style for 90mm and 120mm fans. We are going for it in a big way with motors in the 3.5Kw world for 90mm and 4.5-5Kw for 120mm. We are in the proccess of revamping our efforts in the Screamer way. Ultimate performance for the best value I plan to debut these beauties in Jan at AEF. One of our favorite events of the year. Come along for the ride with us You won't be disappointed Another thing we will be bringing back, the event and show price deals That's right we will be showing up at events, and shows with stock to sell at prices to you will really like!