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Posted by sugarkane | May 08, 2018 @ 09:00 AM | 4,210 Views
so begins the mission to high kv 6s..

the air frame i'll be using is my raptor 210 'heavy' using slightly beefed up arms with a 16x19 patten, m3 standoffs and i moved the pressnuts to the avionics plate from the battery plate

the first thing i needed to fix was the 20x20 stack.. not what you need for a 6s rig.. now i didn't want to redesign the entire airframe so i modelled up a converter which i had SLS printed.. pretty happy with this print as its nice and sold and only adds 1.2g to the build with hardware.
so now that the rig is 30x30 ready i needed to zero in on the stack..

the holybro tekko 32 was a good choice ( also rebranded as the airbot 32 v2 and bolt 32 ) as its super clean, has plenty of copper for cooling, has a solid 35amp rating ( 50 burst ) and has full 32bit support including current limiting which could be quite handy given I'm not doing a low KV 6s build.

next was the Fc choice... required features here were a 6000 series gyro, 2-3amp BEC, sd slot or flash ram for BB and be compatible with the plug from the esc..
its actually hard to find all these features and have a 5v BEC thats more than 1amp..
i settled on the HGLRC as after i repin the plug from the esc it ticks all the boxes and is set up for m3 gummies ( not that HGLRC supply them :roll eyes
next i needed to get my favorite race VTX on top and as the AKK x5 is only a 16x16mm set up i had a nice little 0.5mm carbon holder cut with my last frame revision.. its perfect and with...Continue Reading
Posted by sugarkane | May 06, 2018 @ 11:02 PM | 4,767 Views
so this is my light weight racing frame designed to be 20x20 native and a pure racing frame..

the key points are small aero profile, light, 20x20 stack, micro cam and 1 bolt arms for fast arm changes in the field..

now the first version had 4mm arms and was under 50g with stand offs but after lots of test flying and crashing it just wasn't stiff enough or durable enough also i upgraded the sandwich plates and top deck to 2mm from 1.5mm to also increase the stiffness

the current evolution has 5mm arms and has been moved to a keyless arm design so you only need one arm cut. also i have redesigned the arms to be 16x19 which has made them a little stronger and gives a little more motor protection from frontal hits, I've also changed the front standoffs to m3 ( was m2) and moved the press nuts to the avionics plate from the battery plate meaning the bolts are accessed from the bottom of the quad as having it the other way meant the motor wires and cap would get in the way of getting access to the bolts
the new air frame weight 56g with all hardware and the camera/antenna holders

I've 3d printed camera mounts, a dipole/axii holder and a 30x30 converter

at this point i have 3 builds..
the first 2 are identical except for the camera and vtx

raptor foxtrots specs

hglrc F440 stack
akk X5 vtx
luminar axii anttenna
xm+ rx
foxeer micro pro camera
T motor 2600kv F40pro v2
gemían 5055 hulkies
infinity 1500 Force Edition V2 4s pack
HMDVR-s micro DVR

dry weight is 245g
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Posted by sugarkane | Feb 05, 2018 @ 05:52 AM | 4,836 Views
so this blog is to help introduce some extra information in getting others help me tune this very light weight 5" build

so lets start with the specs..

custom 24g 4mm unibody frame using a 16x16 2 bolt motor mount and a dedicated 20x20 stack


HGLRC F440 'dino shot' 32bit 4in1 stack
pyrodrone 2204 3022kv 'floss' motors
DAL 5040 tri blades
HGLRC tx20 vtx ( replacing with an AKK X5 Smart audio vtx )
run cam nano cmos micro cam
infinity 850 graphene 4s batterie

soft mounted stack and motors
dry weight no props 155.8g with props 172.2g
AUW with battery 277.6g

1000 35v uf cap

currently running 48kHz PWM on the ECS and 'still Dre' on the start up tune

new log with mostly stock filters, dump and frame drawing below