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Posted by RS2K | Dec 28, 2017 @ 03:16 PM | 211,114 Views
This thread is for the discussion of testing the Fast Kalman filter on Betaflight.

The source code can be found here:

All previously released binaries can be found here:

The latest and recommended binaries can be found here (2018-02-17 3.3 RC1 build with FKF bugfix applied by Apocolipse).

Thanks to Apocolipse for adding the bugfix PR to get the FKF correctly re-enabled. It looks like the FKF was mistaken blocked by an wrongly placed #ifdef and it was recently discovered the BQRC2 filter does not work as intended.

To enable the FKF with the most recent bin:
set gyro_use_32khz = ON
set cpu_overclock = ON
set gyro_stage2_filter_type = FKF
set gyro_filter_q = 400
set gyro_filter_r = 88

Posted by RS2K | Oct 31, 2015 @ 09:44 PM | 716,201 Views
Thread to discuss the RaceFlight Ecosystem

1. RaceFlight firmware. We are currently very actively developing RaceFlight One firmware. This is new firmware from the ground up and has been in works since December of 2015. The goal with the new firmware is to focus on ease of use and performance without having to deal with the vestigial limitations inherent with multiwii based code.

2. ESC firmware. The reason I started RaceFlight was to test ESC theories. The final product of those theories was the MultiShot protocol. RaceFlight is designed to run at very high frequencies. It is highly recomend you use ESCs capable of accepting at least a 32 KHz RC input.

3. Quality Hardware. While it's been proven RaceFlight can handle just about any setup out there, you will get best results when using quality hardware. Electrical noise on poorly designed or damaged Flight Controls will affect flight quality. Poorly designed or noisy ESCs/PDBs could also affect flight quality. RaceFlight is capable of compensating for poor equipment, but you'll always get best results with properly functioning hardware.
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Posted by RS2K | Jun 01, 2015 @ 07:12 AM | 30,951 Views
I added longer arms to fit the Xrotor40A ESCs. Still not enough camera tilt:

6S (22.2 Volt), 2000KV, 6x4.5, Xrotor40A, BLHeli 14.0 beta (2 min 26 sec)

6S insanity revisited. (1 min 41 sec)
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Posted by RS2K | May 25, 2015 @ 10:08 PM | 29,398 Views
Posted by RS2K | Jan 24, 2015 @ 07:05 PM | 33,410 Views
ZMR 250 frame
DragonFly 32 FC
Cobra 2000kv 2208 motors
6x4.5 HQ props
Rotorgeek 30A ESCs (Provided by Rotorgeeks for this purpose). SiLabs based, perfect for OneShot125. OneShot125 enabled BLHeli.

180 mAh 3S nano tech avionics battery (5v pololu step down for RX and Naze32). 12 volts directly to camera and VTX.
6S 1300 mAh 45~90C Nano-tech battery
Weight: 720 grams ready to fly without Mobius.
Estimated 11:1 thrust ratio.
Estimated top speed over 100 MPH.

I'm using 30A ESCs provided by Rotorgeeks for testing of this extreme setup. I have OneShot125 and damped light mode enabled. No sync issues have been noticed so far.

This bird is using the the same PIDs on 6S that the KISS ESCs were using on 4S. They area tad too high but it flies well. The performance is ridiculous. I'm hovering at a little above 1/8 throttle.

On a full battery the Cobra 2208 2000kv motors overload my 2KG scale. With a 3.75 volt per cell 6S battery I was getting around 1.945 KG of thrust. Here are the test results I performed yesterday on a single motor:
Cobra 2208 2000kv, HQ 6x4.5 prop: 1945 grams of thrust @ 20.98711 volts and 35.1 amps, 736.6475 watts. 2.64 grams/watt. The noise was tremendous.

Bench Test:
Tornado Spawner, insanity incarnate. Throttle response and full throttle bench test. (0 min 35 sec)

First FPV Flight:
First FPV flight of Tornado Spawner, Insanity Incarnate. (1 min 36 sec)
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