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Posted by Cory | Jan 17, 2012 @ 12:56 AM | 22,542 Views
Time for the slowpoke builder to get going on the Super Speedo Thermo project. My goal with this project was to make the ultimate ST for DS and fast heavy wind front side flying. To accomplish this my goal is to overbuild a composite wing. Overbuild? Why? Partly to ensure that the wing handle anything thrown at it (except for rocks at high speed), including DS speeds up to 200 mph and small rocky LZs; and partly to practice more advanced build techniques in preparation for other projects on my list.

Last winter I wrote a post asking if anyone had an old ST fuselage. My plan was to take some old broken thing, sock it, and use that as the basis for the Super Speedo. Racedouge1 responded and offered to swap a brand new, full ST kit for a bagged wing. I am a notoriously slow builder, just ask my local flying buddies. Two years+ is not unusual for my projects. I told Doug I don't think he understands how long my projects take. Doug was OK with that, though I was worried he didn't know how slow I meant I can be. I thank him for his patience. This build thread is in part so he can see that I am actually working on it.

The first go at making a wing last year ended up with a short root chord. I'm not sure what happened. I've cut cores for at least 15 planes before and have never had that problem. My templates have always been of the design where one template guides the bottom cut and the second guides the top cut. Only thing is I didn't catch it for many...Continue Reading