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Posted by Olivier_C | Dec 28, 2013 @ 06:01 AM | 53,028 Views
First batch of videos, filming south-east of France with my Quadcopter, it's been a slow start for the winter season, atrocious weather, not a lot of decent footage available so far, despite the 10 or so attempts at flying, many times I had to cancel because of fog/rain/snow/wind/wind/wind!!!.

First video, on top of the Vercors mountains, in the Alps, south-east France, not a lot of snow, a lot of wind, will probably go back there some day when there's more sun and snow :

Quadcopter - Lans en Vercors (5 min 19 sec)

2nd video, the huge and derelict ski jump from the 1968 winter Olympic games in Grenoble, France, the poor thing has been decaying since, at the end of a day in the shade it's a sad place, I should go back next spring, with flowers and more green than brown it should be more alive then :

Quadcopter - Tremplin de Saint-Nizier (the old ski jump) (2 min 55 sec)
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