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Posted by Micubano | Feb 24, 2019 @ 04:11 PM | 3,471 Views
I attended AMA Expo East this year. The PA Extra 260 is complete and waiting for a nice spring day to maiden. I have a 1/2 finished E-Flite Slick 3D on the bench. Despite not having flown anything sporty and balsa yet, I picked up the Extreme Flight 48" Edge. Plus I always have to get something from RA Cores when I see Jim. His planes are a lot of fun to build and fly.
Posted by Micubano | Feb 01, 2019 @ 12:43 PM | 5,404 Views
The pull-pull system, motor, air scoops, and ESC are run. All I have left are the wing bolts, cowl/prop/spinner, and the Aura 8/SR8010T combo. I looked at so many pictures for the pull-pull system for the holes. The hole in the rudder was the worst to find because it was under the solid black covering. Putting a light behind it would not help, but I could feel it. I kept running my finger over one side until the square was pronounced on the covering and then cut through it. Both ropes are clamped tight, centered, and give the same pitch guitar string like twang when I pluck them.

I took my time cutting through all the holes that were covered by the fiberglass on the motor box and the air scoops. Everything was flat and debris free in the motor box when I mounted the motor. The air scoops are aligned almost perfectly symmetrical. If they are off, I can't tell.

The one thing I noticed is how many different adhesives I used in this project. Thin CA (balsa screw holes), Thick CA (air scoops), 5-minute epoxy (hinges and other things), and 30-minute epoxy (I forget, but it was something that needed to be strong). 5-Minute Epoxy was definitely used the most.

Maybe this weekend I will actually finish the build and get the electronics set and tested.