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Posted by Ponchogolf | Jun 20, 2019 @ 06:03 PM | 2,460 Views
I am interested in selling all of my electric equipment. I have pictures of everything from planes to transmitters, electronics, hardware, batteries, and tools. Everything sold together. I have flown every one of the planes except for 2. The glider is brand new and has never been flown. I live in the North Scottsdale area of Arizona. So if you are interested and want to see everything we can set up an appointment. Following is a list of items:

Item Description Model Quantity Condition
Item 1 Battery 4S-5000 2 Used
Item 2 Battery 4S-4500 1 Used
Item 3 Battery 4S-3000 4 Used
Item 4 Battery 3S-2200 4 Used
Item 5 Battery 3S-1300 6 Used
Item 6 Battery 3S-1300 1 Used
Battery Bags
Item 1 Battery Bags 3 Used
Battery Charger
Item 1 Battery Charger Parkzone car 1 New
Item 2 Battery Charger Tactic 3 cell 1 Used
Item 3 Battery Charger Thunder AC6 2 Used
Item 4 Battery Charger Venom 1 Used
Item 5 Battery Charger Thunder T6 1 Used
Power Supply
Item 1 Power Supply 350 Watt 1 Used
Item 1 Transmitter Tactic 1 Used
Item 2 Transmitter Spectrum DX7s 1 Used
Item 1 Hardware #0 & #2 Various New
Item 2 Hardware #4 Various New
Item 3 Hardware #6 Various New
Item 4 Hardware #8 Various New
Item 5 Hardware M3 Blind Nuts Various New
Item 6 Hardware M3x30mm Socket Head Various New
Item 7 Hardware Small Wood Screws Various New
Power Analyzer
Item 1 Power Analyzer...Continue Reading