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Posted by verticalspark | Aug 25, 2015 @ 05:18 PM | 5,607 Views
So the stars aligned this week and I got 2!!!! new toys. The NightHawk 280 Pro came in from yesterday and last weekend I purchased a DJI F550.

One of the guys decided he was selling his F550. Standard motors/esc combo but has the WooKong-M as well as the LK24 Data Link. So I decided to buy it from him. I was then that I realized what he was giving me. He gave me the F550, x468 gimbal with savox servos, 2 lipos for it, a 1.2 FPV ground station (1.2 rx, Case and LCD screen), 1.2 transmitter to hook to a GoPro (1-4), A box of extra parts along with a SPMAR7610 rx for the radio, 4 extra ESCs for the f550, 2 extra motors for the f550 and 4 motors and 4 60amp escs for an extra quad.

Then I spent the better part of the day with the president of SCORCH (Tom) working with different motor/lipo settings. We settled with 9x4.5 on a 4s for roughly 125 watts/motor at full throttle which is 25 watts under the max rated current. I currently use a 3s with some 10" props but it is under 80watts/motor and just seemed sluggish with inputs.

As for the NightHawk Pro, I received it the other day and havent gotten to play with it yet. At first glance, the quad is very well built. The Instruction manual is very well written and not Engrish from what I have read. The diagrams are very nice and point out the main points. I will give an update on both of them when I get back from a short trip.

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Posted by verticalspark | Aug 05, 2015 @ 07:46 PM | 4,768 Views
So over the last couple weeks I went on a short motorcycle drive. Left from colorado and drove to south carolina and then to florida to surprise my mom, dad and cousin. I drove somewhere just north of 5,ooo miles round trip. And I have to say I love this bike.

I finally got a voltage step up for my camera so I will be able to complete my FPV system for a modified flite test kracken that I am currently building. Hoping it will be finished by this friday so I can take it out and give it a maiden and see how she fly with FPV.

I also saw 2DogRC was selling a set up emax frame with a complete FPV setup for just over $200 so I ordered it. The good news is that I already have that exact same frame so any crashes I will have plenty of spare parts.