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Posted by verticalspark | Mar 28, 2015 @ 11:02 PM | 5,910 Views
If you live in/around Colorado Springs and you fly ANYTHING please drive out and meet us! SCHORCH is a AMA club that is about 15 miles east of the city that is devoted to mainly to Helis and multirotors including FPV. Please come out and visit on Saturday. We meed up at 9am to hang out and fly what we have.

This being said, we have a geographic feature that I am fairly sure no other club has. THE PIT!. We have a pit that is roughly 400' across and about 20' deep right off one of out main flight lines. Right now its used to fly in with any and everything that can fit in it but it will be used for FPV races! Thats right, you read that right, FPV RACES!!!!! Most clubs around the country have kicked the heli guys to the curb and straight out banned any FPV which is a HUGE part of the hobby and growing. We dont have a course right now but over the next several week we will build some gates that are perfect for flying FPV in the 250 class.

The general feeling of the club is amazing and like nothing that I have ever been a part of before. I have flown in parks for most of the last 10 years with no AMA what to speak of. After hanging out with these guys I have learned that nothing is like having a bunch of friends to hang out with and fly. The knowledge is this club is amazing and everyone is happy to help if they can.

I have a feeling that this club will set the standard for FPV and Helis very shortly. Please feel free to join us weather to fly or just to stop by and hang out. This is a rough map of our club. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me, I will answer. If your around, feel free to insert these directions into your phone and show up anytime after 9 on any saturday and somebody will be sure to be there flying something.

All aerial photos are thanks to Kenny and his Inspire1

Posted by verticalspark | Mar 24, 2015 @ 11:12 PM | 6,002 Views
SCORCH - Southern COlorado RC Helicopter is a group for those interested in flying RC helicopters and multi-rotor machines. The purpose of the group is to connect with other heli pilots to share knowledge, skills, and foster friendships. And those of us who still fly some planes

So over the last couple of months I have been meeting with several guys and we go out and fly. Seems most of us have been flying around Colorado Springs and it seems only a couple of us knew. So Tom made a MeetUp account to get us all together. Since then we have grown to a dozen plus some and love anything heli...and planes (I'm one of those guys)

In the last several weeks Tom has done his best to find us a "home" for a AMA sanctioned club. And he has succeeded in most spectacular form. He found and staked a claim at a local airport and got some land we are allowed to use.

We will "break ground" this weekend on what can be considered a club. The aerial pic posted doesent do it justice. That little outline box is roughly 80 acres. That and once done we will have one of the most unique features of any club that I have ever heard of. Oh, and the back drop isnt half bad either.

More to come, more to see and more to do.

Posted by verticalspark | Mar 15, 2015 @ 10:08 AM | 7,082 Views
Well I finally managed to get enough money to order a pair of Fatshark Dominator v2s. I am so excited now that they are on the way. I just have to wait till the first of next month to order all the other stuff.

And my cursed beaver finally flys again! I decided to forgo the windshield but it flys great. Being that I live in Colorado its usually windy so the only time I can fly it is in that dawn-dusk time frame. It floats really well and bounces even better. Had somebody call me while I was flying low and dumbed thumbed it into the ground. Bounces nicely though.

Posted by verticalspark | Mar 04, 2015 @ 10:09 PM | 4,976 Views
So if you haven't seen my blog I'm not only an avid r/c flyer but I love guns. That being said I'm sure I lost of of you on that last sentience. But while I can (and do) shoot fast accurately, I LOVE old guns. I don't know why or how but there is something about a older gun that gets my blood flowing. Ringing steel from 500 yards or putting all my rounds in a ragged hole at 100 yards makes me happy.

So when I went to my gun store looking for a new hiking pistol, something in 10mm, I glanced around as what they had. I noticed a rolling block 45-70 sitting on the shelf. I am not a huge fan of the rolling block as I have seen one break but it is an older design. The guy mentioned that a regular customer was selling a 1874 Sharps 45-70 which I have lusted after for quite some time. After taking a look at it, I was sold. I had to have it.

That being said, the older guns are an acquired taste. It takes patience and the ability to adapt to the particular gun you have. This is my dream gun is now sitting in my safe and I cant wait to shoot her.