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Posted by verticalspark | Oct 07, 2012 @ 08:32 PM | 6,151 Views
So we had a 4 day weekend before we head out for training. Well me and a good buddy decided to go to the top of pikes peak as its one of the last weekends available/good weather before we deploy.

So after loading a medium ruck with all the essentials(food, clothes, extra .45 rounds) we started the accent at 5:30. About half way up my knee started to hurt again so we took a short break, ate some snacks and some pain meds. Well it turns out the birds were hungry too so we started to see exactly how close the would get to us. Turns out they had no problems at all walking up and eating out of your hand. So when the food ran out we decided it was best to leave before the birds figured it out and turned out lives into a 60's horror film.

We arrived at the top around 1:30 where the wife was kind enough to wait (I had told her 12) in a warm car. So we did what we set out to do, climb pikes peak, strip down to our battalion t-shirt, tan boots and ranger panties and take a picture next to the pikes peak sign Im fairly certain my wife wasnt the only person taking pictures of us walking around in those skimpy little shorts. It was after all hovering around 15* and windy.

I also used the GoPro with the head mount but most of the pics came out blurry. So I may add more pics if I can find some good ones.

And I rented an apartment after ours jacked up the price. So after this next week its in the plans to order a FancyFoam 42" EPP extra in the green assuming my little stash stays hidden from the other half.