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Posted by verticalspark | Dec 21, 2010 @ 12:11 PM | 5,583 Views
So If I didnt have enough to do already I got myself a Align T-Rex 250SE the other day. A guy came into the LHS (work) that was looking to sell a T-Rex 250. I have known this particular guy for a while and has seen some of the helis he has built and flown and none of them are crap. He crash landed into a tree with the 250 and wanted to sell it because it is "too small" for him. Anyway I picked it up and ordered a new feathering shaft, flybar and landing skids.

Align a T-Rex 250
Servos: 3 DS410 swashplate
DS420 tail
Motor: RCM-BL250 3400KV
Gyro: GP750
Radio: JR 9303x with a AR6100

I have been working on the S.O.B. and figured out the steering issue and am currently putting it back together. I am interested to see if I successfully put suspension on a wal-mart toy.

Stripped the front end off the CJ5 and figured out the wiring. Fixed the steering rod that had a bad bend in it so the steering wheel is re-centered. Ron freed the motor right after he broke the balancer bolt off. I got that bolt out only to find it was a 5 rating and not a 8. As soon as I replace the bold the new distributor goes on then the exhaust.
Posted by verticalspark | Dec 16, 2010 @ 10:44 AM | 5,309 Views
I have recently gotten in the habbit of picking up stuff at an extremely cheap price. I guess that is a benefit of working at the LHS. But now I have too much to do. Here is the short version.
1. The S.O.B. 25e V2.02 needs a new steering system that has socks so it will quit breaking every time it hits a bump.
2. I picked up a Enya 60-4c that needs to be rebuilt and cleaned.
3. I got lights for the Slow Stick so I can fly after I get off work.
4. I need to fix my Blade mSR with the parts that have been sitting on my desk for a month now.
5. And to top it off I have to get my '73 CJ5 back to running condition which will be no easy feat.
And somewhere in there I have to work, go to the gym(havent been in 3 weeks), wash all the clothes and clean up as family is showing up on sunday to stay for a week or two. Busy Busy Busy

Posted by verticalspark | Dec 14, 2010 @ 02:39 PM | 5,382 Views
So I picked up an old piper cub that was sitting in the back of the LHS yesterday. I didn't have servos, didn't have the wing and the engine was "frozen" so I got a deal on it. After taking off the cowl I found a Enya 60-4c 4-stroke that needs some lovin. So after unbolting the engine that had been sitting for a while I found it wasn't frozen, just gummed up really bad. So the goal is to rebuild it and use it or sell it. Not quite sure what is going to happen with it.
Posted by verticalspark | Dec 07, 2010 @ 08:15 PM | 6,055 Views
So I have recently decided to do an electric conversion of an old model I have had laying around. It had an old OS Max .25 on it but never ran quite right so I have put on a E-flite Power 25, 60amp ESC (overkill but I had it laying around) and running on 2 thunder power 2100mAh 2s run in series on a 11x6 pusher. I wont post any pictures with it until its done as I dont want to give away what it is im working on (its not a boat).

I recently got a G.T. Power RC Nav light system for the Slow Stick. After its recent crash I think it needs an upgrade. So along with a stronger elevator servo its getting lights so I can fly after work. They work awesome and will do the trick so I can enjoy flying again.