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random pics
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Hi I'm from Butcher Hollar,
and I get a little hot around
the collar, I'm a honky tonk
angel and proud of it.

I'll make the best darn fried
chicken you ever ate I
guarantee you'll even eat
the plate.I use Crisco oil
and a batter I'm wild and
free and I like to chatter
my guest tonight is my
friend the mad hatter.

I'm crazy like a fox and I
can outbox any kangeroo
and kick better and harder
than you do.I can run like
the wind and sing like an
angel and if I ever fall flat
on my face may God give
me the grace to get up

Josette Marie Louise Lager
[email protected]
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I'm using this to upload images for something
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Well, I guess I'll try this blog thing out.

Sat. 3/11 was my maiden flight with the S/S.
Well actually I did fly once b4 but that does not count,
cause there's nothing (well a little bit) left of that plane and I knew absolutely nothing about flying R/C.
Since then I have read, read, read again, used FMS, read some more and finally, with a break in the weather, maidened my S/S. What a blast !!

First flight, maybe 30 seconds, lawn dart, broke prop.
Second flight, maybe 2 minutes, lawn dart, broke second prop. Getting better!
Third flight, maybe 5 minutes, tried to land on street, hit curb, yep you guessed it, broke prop.
Fourth flight, now my knees have stopped shaking, learned controlled motor speed, gentle stick movements, and slooooooow landing speed and I got probably 10-12 minutes till my battery was exhausted.
Swap battery, and away we go,
Fifth flight, I'm experienced now, do a low fast pass, uh oh, look out for the pole, yep, dumb thumb time, left, right, up , down, bam, into the street and prop #4 gone.
New prop, and now I fly for 15 minutes, nice slow touch & go's, up to about 200 feet, shut motor off, dead stick it in, touch the ground, nail throttle, and I'm off again.
I feel the battery starting to die off, so I bring her in and that's it for the day. What a flight day!

I am now dying for the weekend to get here!!!
I'm going to try the Aiptek cam I got off Etonic (thanks Mark) if the weather...Continue Reading
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Does anyone know what would be a good type of paint for this foam model at least a clear coat or sealer to use .Well i see a lot of you are checking in but no one knows. The plane is a T-38 Talon new from 3D Foamy and the type of foam is Depron.I would like to give it a nice sealing coat and just want to paint the nosecone and canopy.I will put pin strips or stickers on this model.Thank you for any advice (but not over my spelling)
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Well it's coming onto a year now that I have been attemping to become an RC pilot. In this past year I have built and flown over 16 planes. Some crashed, and some are still with me. All but 3 are scratch built using scratch built CDR's. My 2 RTF's were a J3 cub which is no longer with us and a Beech Stagerwing which I had to repower iwith a BP-21 n order to get it to fly right.
My only kit plane the GWS Beaver is 1 of my favorites. I have modified it with a CustomCDR double stator motor. I have also installed a nanny cam attached to a servo, which alows me to downlink audio & video and to pan the camera down, or back up to the horizon.
I have built a few of my own designs and have used the designs of others on the RC Groups site to add to my fleet.
I am all electric and I love it.
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JEB21 and I flew the beejezus out of ourselves on Saturday in howling storm winds. I DSd the carbon Banana at a new DS spot almost without incident. Luckily the recent rains made my lawndart a non-event.

In light of how well the Carbonana flies (i've been super impressed with its light lift and high lift abilities), I have placed the Destiny on the FS board (no need for two 60"s). I have also sold the Zipper (which I was never really able to tune up properly) and the re-done JW. I have since re-acquired my old M60 and have no need for the JDub. The guys buying the Jdub and Destiny are getting great deals. The Jdub was just refinished and never flown again, and the Destiny is pristine except for a repaired wing-ding.

I'm sorry to see them go, but I really need to eliminate redunancy in the hangar, and focus on getting a good 3m ship.
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The first airplanes that I had a chance to play with were the rubber-powered balsa plane that always appeared in my Christmas stocking. These were great fun to my siblings, and introduced me to the concept of CG and control surfaces. It also taught that airplanes don't last forever, but they last longer when properly flown and carefully stored when not in use.

Then, one Christmas, a CL 0.049 Cox powered plane appeared under the tree, and my brother, father and I gave that a shot. Unfortunately, none of us were any good at controlling them, and it could only take so much abuse before it became unrepairable. Years passed, and in 1998, I decided to try to get my son interested in flight. We built a Dura-Plane, and attempted to learn to fly on our own. This was a mistake. I did have a couple of semi-successful flights with it, but even a Dura-Plane can only take so much.

About that time, a co-workers mentioned that he had a Golberg Electra kit that he was probably never going to build. He had lost a really nice P-51 due to radio failure. The radio (a Kraft) apparently failed in flight, resulting in the plane (nicely trimmed) headed off for parts unknown, and was never seen again. I built up the Electra (which is a Gentle Lady wing with a fuselage adapted to electric power), and took it up to Donald Drive, where I knew that there were slope soaring enthusiasts that would help me check it out. A very nice pilot there flew it (without using the motor at all) on...Continue Reading
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Darn... A day late AGAIN! I always seem to have difficulty getting this updated. At least I have an excuse... I've been working like a dog on this research paper I'm submitting in a competition. It's really a pain. I've almost gotten it all taken care of now, though.

Now... For the link of the week!

Steve's RC Home Page

This is, well, Steve's RC Home Page. It's packed with interesting stuff. He's got a bunch of plans available for download, along with some interesting articles. Bookmark it!
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This is just a test of my blog. Dont rearly understand it yet

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Hello. Just trying the Blog thing out.
Happy flying!
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As you build, kits or from plans, you will find you accumulate excess building supplies. I just hate to throw these away but you just can't let it stack up or you would be buried in it. I took a good sized kit box and started sorting out my left over building materials (balsa, hardwood, plywood, carbon or glass fiber, plastic) into logical groupings. I then put the material intended to keep into an old kit box. I keep the materials separated with paper (silkspan actually) but it could be more or less formal. When I finish a kit project I evaluate the excess building supplies. The valuable parts go in the box. The rest go in the garbage. (The latter is key to keeping a reasonably clean shop.)
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Just a question who can tell me what the difference is between the GWS-EPS-350 with C- gearing and the same with D- gearing ? Why ? I am bulding a T-38 3D and need to know.ThanK you.


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this is a 60 cm wingspan tiger moth Im building

Expected AUW is 70 grams

n20 motor
lipo 340
2X 3.6 g. servos
7 g. receiver

the airfoil Im using is similar to clark-y

The plan is here: