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What is the carbon fibre sheet?

What is carbon fibre?

Carbon fibre composes of fibre atoms bonded together with one after the other, in the form of chains. It is due to the strength of these bonds that carbon fibre is quite strong. Along with being strong, carbon fibres are really lightweight. Almost five times lighter than steel, but still five times stronger. Which gives carbon fibres an upper hand.
As it is the most lightweight, yet strong material available in the market today, it is used for a variety of applications, in many different forms. This fibre comes in many different building blocks, such as weaves, yarn, unidirectional, braids, and others, which are used to create composites.

What is carbon fibre sheet?

The carbon fibre is made up of really thin fibres, which are twisted together to form a yarn. This yarn is, again, woven into a fabric, called the fibre fabric. This fabric is available in a variety of weaves. The lighter carbon sheets have between 3K to 6K thin fibres in a yarn. The heavier carbon sheets, however, can have up to 12,000 thin fibers per yarn.
Different kinds of fibre sheets have different strength properties. The most common kinds of carbon fabric sheets are, harness satin weave, plain weave, unidirectional and twill weave. Before you buy a weave, there are two things you need to keep in mind about them. They are their functionality and their appearance.
Every weave has a different look, and people tend to choose the weave...Continue Reading
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Press nuts are also called Sunk nuts, Stainless steel sunk nuts, Called Écrous prisonniers in Franch, Spanish called Tuercas de Prensa.

M3 press nuts used in mechanical, mainly for easy fastening, demolition, not easy to slip angle and other advantages, mainly used in electronics, electrical, electric, electric power, chemical industry, water conservancy, mechanical equipment, furniture, and other fields.

Press nuts especially for the fixing of UAV or FPV drone frame, it has a good effect.

If you choose to use these sunk nuts in your design, you will need to make sure the holes in your design are 4.50mm and the following diameter you need to know:

For use on Carbon fiber sheets no thinner than 1.5mm.

Top diameter- 5.4mm

Bottom diameter- 4.65mm

Otherwise, we will not be responsible for tolerance issues.

*Sunknuts not included with CF parts. Must be purchased separately.

If you want to know about Press Nuts price, please contact us by email: [email protected]
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The frame of your drone is the first thing you should decide. Your frame is very important as it is like a car chassis. When you have a project in drone frame design, tell us your idea.

If you are a beginner FPV drone, we suggest you buy a drone is a better choice, so your question is how to choose the right drone.

If you are a leader of a UAV team, maybe you need to think about how to choose the best FPV racing drone frame.

If you are a professional pilot, you should know how to design and build your own frame, whether frame types is freestyle or racing.

If you are a drone frame seller or designer, maybe you should think about how to design the best and popular drone frame. The size, materials, thickness, space, style and even the geometry will play a critical part in your build, and who can cut frames.

Choose Jinjiuyi carbon fiber team to cut your drone frames, we can save money and time and best quality for you. We have T300 and T700 carbon fiber material for choosing, our T700 carbon fiber material will effectively reduce the delamination of the frames, all carbon fiber raw material imported from Japan Toray company. As a carbon fiber factory, we cut micro FPV drone frame, small fFPVdrone frame, quadcopter frame, agriculture drone frame and large drone frame.

Jinjiuyi offering edge chamfering, rounding edge, cut logo, countersunk and press nut holes, surface treatment painting and coating. All processing bring you safe and upscale and beautiful experience.