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Posted by Jim T. Graham | May 02, 2010 @ 10:35 AM | 24,687 Views
So it seems that Springs showers have brought more than May flowers. The rain started yesterday and after being hustled into a gym basement due to a tornado being seen while at a guitar show in Leipersford we realized things were going South. When the tornado alert was officially over we jumped in the BBT (big black truck) and high tailed it home. We saw houses under water, trees across the roads and drove through fast and deep water. Mean while the wife and kids were at home watching the water rise in the backyard. The day before Ang had found a bunny nest with babies. She and my daughter went out back to save the babies and by the time they had one rabbit captured the creek jumped it's banks, jumped our retaining wall and in a matter of a minute or two had filled the pool that was empty (this usually takes a day or two with a water hose). The water has been steadily flowing since yesterday. Here are some photos and a video:
Vaughns Gap Flood 2.avi (0 min 57 sec)