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Posted by abieex | Feb 19, 2012 @ 11:48 AM | 3,014 Views
Im currently building my third BB33 and Ive learned some "noob" lessons. SLOW DOWN! I finally learned to cut carefully and assemble straight. This one looks real good and has a better chance of flying well. I cut all parts (six at a time)on the bandsaw so every part is square and straight and I have extras. Slowing down made for better glue ups and a much better looking airplane. A couple of simple jigs to keep things lined up and plumb certainly keeps things in order. After laying out and building large buildings I thought this would be simpler than it is! I can't stand crooked or warped.
Im starting the wing today and Im not really understanding the glue up in the center. Seems weak to me.
Suggestions? Thanks, Steve
Posted by abieex | Jan 14, 2012 @ 04:37 PM | 3,464 Views
After cutting out my first plane I realized that Blucor has a skin. Peel it off or leave it for strength? My second problem is a wife who doesnt understand the sensitive nature of model aviation. Why would i move an ongoing project from the dining table just because she wants to serve dinner? Dont they still sell tv trays? Napkin in the lap? Time for a call to "Guido the Enforcer". Wish me well!
Posted by abieex | Dec 29, 2011 @ 12:25 PM | 3,290 Views
After what seems like an eternity Im actually going to start my first plane! Ive chosen a BluBaby 33 and I couldnt be more anxious. Thanks to the folks at FlySky, Hobby King and especially StrongMotors. Strong not only answered my questions but made being a "noob" easy. Hats off to them. Im starting with some templates for the parts as Im sure Ill be replacing many. Might just build two and have a back-up. Ill keep you all posted and as always Im open for comments. Thanks to you all------------Steve