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The diversity at the brain level is based on the physiology of visual perception

is it possible? We can see the answer with a small test

Close your one eyes and then the other with one hand
you can see what you are looking at if you are in a close one eye.
Because your brain is focused on what you are looking at

Can we use this in fpv ? yes if there is an fpv goggles that supports 3D.

in 3D mode normal use two cameras are sent the two image to two eye via two vtx and two vrx
in 3D mode brain diversity use: one camera are sent the two image to two eye via one vtx and two vrx
in 2D mode electronic diversity use: one camera are sent the one image to both eye via one vtx and one strongest vrx

what do we need for test to brain level diversity ?

3d supported fpv googles (I have got skyzone sky02 +)
Two identical antennas (two pagoda or two mushroom antenna )
Standart fpv camera
Standart video tx


Switch to 3d mode your goggles
Make both channels and band the same in 3d mode on your goggles
set your vtx channel for your fpv goggles
thats all…

On my Quad Side:
I am using a standard camera (hs1177) and video transmitter (Tx526) on my Mini Quad

Goggle Side:
I set 3d mode: ON, RF Band: Custom, and both sides (RX1IRX2) in the same band and channel.
(Each side can adjustable 5 band and 8 ch when set the RF band to Custom)
I used the same antennas both side. 

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iflight is authorized manufacturer for official Alexmos BGC and BambuCopter is authorized dealer of iflight products.
This Mini review about 32bit Alexmos BGC and Aluminium Case produced by iflight

iflight 32bit Alexmos BGC w/Aluminium Case comes in a nice placstic box.

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Suleyman Tower (9 min 9 sec)

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Bogsak (11 min 39 sec)

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My Gimbal Frame

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Low cost ,simple DIY project idea for "GoPro Brushless Gimbal",
Need little mod for adapting brushless motors, not finished mine yet, but developable,
I hope you like..

Part List

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Have you got any android device?
if yes don't miss free Multiwii Allinone android app

it's work any Multiwii FC and Bluetooth adapter

MultiWii Allinone Android App & IOI Mini Multiwii (2 min 36 sec)

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My Frames for fun fly


My fifth Quadcopter (polycarbonate)

My fourth Quadcopter (acrylic)

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Bogsak (0 min 19 sec)

Bogsak gc (1 min 21 sec)
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