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Posted by Sky.Surfer | Jun 05, 2017 @ 11:21 PM | 5,108 Views
Beta75 from BETAFPV
No Affiliation - only where I bought it

Here are my thoughts about the BETA75 from BETAFPV

I will start with the

Surprisingly has some good power with the 7x20 13000kv brushed motors
Stock PID = very stable
Durability - very strong, much much better than the inductrix frame
Low Profile VTX Cam layout - no more bent antenna's, YEAH !!
Very light weight - considering it has bigger motors and frame
JST 2.0 connector - we know this is the way to go with these micros
Betaflight - default
Integrated SBUS receiver
Battery holder for the stock battery, but without it you can use bigger batteries
Easily 3 minute of flight time - stock battery
Range - Excellent, open field I would say close to 3/4 of a football field

Not really cons, but this is only my opinion

Not really much, but one thing I didn't like ( but you get use to it ), is when you fly you see a lot of the front of the frame and props
Camera angle is really not adjustable, you could, but I would be very careful if you do
FrSky only - DSMx should hopefully be coming soon

I will add more thought in the near future as I am still enjoying flying and testing this little gem out

OH, I wanted to give credit where credit is due to krachall as he did a great review on the same exact Beta75 ( )
So after reading his blog and detailed review about this Brushed Micro Quad, I was not going to another detailed review

I just want people to know
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