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Posted by Shane McMillan | Jul 08, 2019 @ 07:07 AM | 12,519 Views
Lately I have been having a lot of fun flying electric ducted fan, with my RBC Mig 15, which I have been flying a lot lately and really enjoying. It even doesn't seem so fast any more!

I decided to resurrect my old RC Lander ARF foam Grumman Cougar, to compliment the Mig (well, maybe!). The model was overweight with all those fancy metal retracts and heavy and inefficient Lander fan. Model only had 3 or 4 flights before I gave up on it.

Ripped out the retracts and their mounts along with the nose gear steering servo. The model will be bungee launched. Keeping the rudder servo though as a working rudder will be nice. Also unceremoniously ripped out the Lander fan unit. This will be replaced with a mongrel fan made using the shroud from a Chinese Wemotec knockoff 70 mm fan, but using a genuine Wemotec Mini Fan 480 rotor which I have lying around at present. Also lying around unused is a HET 2W 20 motor which go into the mix.

Reworked the ducting using added in foam to smooth things out airflow wise and have glued the wing onto the fuselage instead of having it held on with bolts which never really held thing rigid and were heavy too. Some photos below of my progress along with the before shots from when the model was new.

I'll keep adding to this blog until the model is finished and flying.

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Posted by Shane McMillan | Jan 17, 2017 @ 02:55 PM | 11,428 Views
Happy 2017 to all who read this! Lets hope its a good one.

Well, the age old story, another year and where am I going?

Besides the usual stuff, earn a living and don't go broke, ( always a good plan in my book!), pay the mortgage, keep the house in reasonable shape etc, (the boring stuff) , my plans this year, are to continue building models and get the kit pile thinned out a bit. I also look forward to watching my son (13) continue to explore the delights of model Aeroplanes.

Michael's Christmas present this year was an ARF low wing sports model( Phoenix Scanner). Learning to fly is the domain of the ARF model and for the purpose they fit the bill just fine. We have spent some happy hours together in the shed assembling it. I had forgotten how difficult it may have once been just learning to use a screwdriver or hold a knife at just right angle. How quickly we forget. I look forward to his fortnightly visits more than he will ever know I think.

I have been going through a rationalization phase of late selling or giving away a lot of model stuff. At least 5 large scale models have disappeared and I haven't even noticed! My immediate aim is to finish the dual He-51 build with Pat Lynch, then the Miles M-20. Then I think I might be ready to tackle the completion of Pat's Avro Anson which at present hangs from the ceiling in my workshop, looking very much the Orphan Annie. My plan is to pick up his build log where he left off. After that, who knows? Maybe i'll be ready to get back into my P-51 Mustang project for a change of pace.

Anyway i'm off to the shed to work on something else other than this keyboard.

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Posted by Shane McMillan | Jan 04, 2016 @ 06:46 PM | 12,872 Views
Decided i should update this P-39 blog entry.
The model has been finished now for a year (well almost finished!)
I need to add the main wheel door fairings and perhaps gun barrels in the wing leading edges.

It is a great flyer and i love it. Need to get it out and fly again........

At first the springs on the nose wheel doors weren't strong enough
and that caused door blow back with fowling of the leg on retraction.
I have replaced those springs (just a music wire hoop joining the door horns, pulled up by the leg on retraction), and next flights should prove it to be solved or not.

Link to Maiden flight video:
Top Flight P 39 Maiden Flight (2 min 56 sec)
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Posted by Shane McMillan | Mar 01, 2013 @ 06:08 PM | 14,315 Views
Here are some pics of my Top Flite P-39 Aerocobra. Built from the Gold Edition Kit.
60 inch span, Electric 6S LiPO. Turnigy Aerodrive 50-55-320 kv.
Aiming to swing a 17 inch 3 blade prop, which is close to scale. Robart pnuematic retracts and split flaps. Currenlly in the glassing stage.