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Posted by elecfryer | Sep 14, 2020 @ 02:34 AM | 3,950 Views
Well, as usual I did not get as much done this weekend as I wanted still, it was a good weekend! I was able to successfully maiden 3 different Dusts.

The Dust Lite 24" single fin is much more sensitive than my original Dust Lite 24 and has a much better roll rate. The first flight was very exciting while flight number 2 was much better after some reprogramming. I flew it Saturday and Sunday.

The Dust 18" with 50 degree sweep flew very well. It will need a little more expo to take off/landing mode and hi speed mode. The roll rate is just awesome!

The Electric Dust (28.5" w/s 46 degree sweep) flew awesome! Trim was very close and it handled just like the one I re-kitted back in 2009. To cure the vibration problems I replaced the shaft before the maiden flight and put in new bearings after since, it still vibrated at about 2/3 throttle on Sunday.

Still repairing the 21" Eat My Dust and the Sunfly 5 is not finished and still working on the 35" 6S Diamond Dust......I need more hours in the day!

Posted by elecfryer | Sep 11, 2020 @ 09:52 PM | 3,163 Views
Hi everyone, hope we are all hanging in there........the smoke in California is.........keeping the temperatures down?

For this weekend I am looking to maiden three more Dusts (Electric Dust 28.5" w/s, Dust Lite 24" w/s and Dust 1850 18" w/s 50 degree sweep) I am also going to try and repair an "Eat My Dust" (this is number two as number one.......bit the Dust a long time ago) the wing span is 22" with a 49 degree sweep. The fins were ripped off and the covering needs to be redone. Interesting note about the motor, it is an UltraFly S4034 inrunner from 2008? The kv is 3400 and it uses a 3S battery.

I am also looking to complete a 6S Diamond Dust 35" w/s. This project has been sitting for 2 years. This has a Quantum 4120 1100kv motor and I am looking for 140-150 mph.

Finally, I am looking to complete a Sun Fly 5 pattern plane (Electrocuted of course!) This one has been sitting idle for a year and a half. Basically, re-install the motor, complete some woodwork on the wing and it is ready to be covered!

Stay Safe!

Michael (if your not fryin, your not tryin!)
Posted by elecfryer | Sep 08, 2020 @ 02:00 AM | 7,095 Views
So, a busy holiday weekend with 3 out of 4 late nights! Diamond Dust repaired and flown 3 times, flying very nice!
Electric Dust complete (28.5" w/s, 35 ounces RTF) I ran it up today and vibrations at two different speeds and did not fly it. I will look into it tomorrow!
18" w/s Dust 50 degree complete and ready to fly. My other 18 inchers have 45 degree sweep back. Jet Screamer motor on 2S 1600 Liperior batteries (I reconfigured a 4S pack into a 2S pack) 366g (12.9 ounces) RTF.
24" Dust Lite Single Fin ready to fly! Not built for speed (maybe 80 mph or so) but, light 430g (15.2 ounces) RTF. 3S 1300 lipo and a Cobra 2217/8 turning a 6 X 5.5 APC T.E. prop and the wing area is 293 sq inches which works out to 7.5 ounces per square foot, another slow lander!

Michael (if your not fryin, your not tryin!)
Posted by elecfryer | Sep 04, 2020 @ 05:57 PM | 6,232 Views
I like all aspects of this hobby, currently (inside joke) pushing Pattern flying so that I can be a better flyer! I do however have a soft spot for the Diamond Dust as designed by Jeff Gilbert (miss you and rest in peace Jeff!). I have them designed down to 16 inch wing span. Presently repairing 3 (just maidened one) building 5 and 3 others ready to fly! Trying to get 3 more finished and flown this weekend (9/5/20). The 35" Purple Diamond Dust had the entire nose removed (no idea where the motor ended up) and just flew it today (9/4/20). It flew great but the prop came off after 30 seconds (I will be attending remedial prop tightening school later this evening!), made a great dead stick landing. Long live the Dust!

P.S the 16 inch Micro Dust only weighs 247 grams RTF!

Stay safe everyone!