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Posted by 335driver | Jun 15, 2015 @ 11:11 PM | 4,415 Views
The Luftwaffe is rebuilding...Since the last post, I've added 2 Bf-109's, a 110, 162 and a FW190. I've also built but not flown a Me309, foamie, we'll see if it even flies. Right now, I'm finishing a P-51 for another club member. The original builder was not to good a builder it appears but he had a lot of after market stuff for the plane, some of which was in place. The guy I'm finishing for is not in a big hurry so no pressure to get it done.
Also working on a Microwave type sport jet.
Posted by 335driver | Mar 02, 2014 @ 12:41 AM | 5,148 Views
I see I haven't posted here in quite awhile. I've been busy building, flying and crashing. Repairing and recrashing, I made up that word but you know what I mean.
So here's some pics of some the stuff, I'm working on.
Finally, finished the Arado 76 and it's a good flying airplane and a little unusual, that
means I like it. I've also started a T-28 and a Yak-3, not to mention another He-163.
Did I mention a Mirage 2000, foam, plans from Humberto
Posted by 335driver | Oct 14, 2013 @ 12:05 AM | 5,086 Views
Like I've said early the planets are not aligned for me lately. In the space of 3 months, I've crashed or had other problems (2 radio, DX6i failed me twice) and lost 2 Me-109's, Phrase3 F-16, Turbinator, MicroWave, Skyray and Yak-15. The 109's had a snap or stall problem and I couldn't save either. The EF-16 was broken in two on the bad hand launch and was getting a quite ragged, so I just pulled the guts.
The MicroWave the ESC burned up and I had no control and in it went. Again pulled the good stuff. A similar thing on the Turbinator, the ESC cut in and out, while trying to get it back to runway, cut out and no control.
Posted by 335driver | Jul 12, 2013 @ 06:24 PM | 5,001 Views
A couple of pic here of the Yak15
Posted by 335driver | Jun 27, 2013 @ 10:16 AM | 4,804 Views
It's been awhile since I posted here and thought I'd bring it up to date a bit.
I sold my Panther at our (ARCA) swap meet to a guy who said he was gotten make it into a display plane, it was pretty beat up by there and that was probably the best thing for it.
The small 109 crashed some time ago and I think it may have been a radio problem, as when I switched to another model that one had problems with aileron control. Fortunately, I found that out on the ground. A friend mentioned a problem with the DX6i I was using so I sent it back to Horizon and they repaired and tuned it up for no cost. I can't complain about Horizon Hobbies service as they have always treated me well.
I also had a F-35 that was given to me and I flew it occasionally. But it always had little things going wrong with and I wasn't too upset at crashing. I believe that the rotor came loose and without thrust, they don't fly well..
I have also built a larger 109 and flown it a few times, see picture.
Still working on Arado 76 but started a Yak 15, early jet fighter. I really have to finish that Arado, I got some decals from Callie's Graphics and made a FG cowl and figured out my wing attachment.
Posted by 335driver | Oct 17, 2012 @ 06:54 PM | 5,254 Views
Once again, I started building a plane (Arado76) and before finishing start something new. The new one is a slightly blown up version of the small 109.
This one will be 40" WS and powered by an OS 25. I got the plans enlarged at a Kinko's. Started out with the tail feathers as they are the easiest and one can imagine that you have 1/3 the plane done. LOL The wings are going together and I will fit it with some fixed LG. I know warplanes need retracts but this is for fun flying.
I really should try harder to finish one before starting the next one, but I kinda got hung up on the wing mounting on the Arado. I also ordered some new servos (minis) for the Arado and when I received them found them to be a tad too large for the rib spacing. I was going to use 1 on each aileron instead of 1 w/bellcranks and wire pushrods, so another challenge, as a friend would say.
But I will persevere. I have started working on the cowl, which will be blue foam covered with FG.
Posted by 335driver | Sep 11, 2012 @ 01:39 PM | 5,193 Views
Finally got to maiden my Turbinator-E yesterday. I took it out Sunday hoping to maiden it then. Unfortunately, crap happens and was unable to fly it. Had some radio problems that weren't apparent at home. So back home to resolve issues. Fixed problem, it appears that the receiver has a problem.
Yesterday, back to the field to try again. This time, everything worked as it should and except for excessive aileron throws, all went well. Toned the ailerons down and tried again this time, perfecto !! One more flight on the Turbinator and turned my attention to my Phase3 F-16....another maiden,
two in one day...The F-16 just needed a bit of down trim and I will need to increase aileron throw as the roll rate is rather slow. But other than that, I now have 2 more great flyers.
I have started finishing an old 1/12 scale combat Bf109. I got this from an estate sale. Fuselage was half built and wings framed up but no sheeting on either. Right now, tail feathers are done and covered, wing is done and covered except to CA hinges in. Fuselage work required, install engine, tank and cover and it'll be done.
Posted by 335driver | Jun 02, 2012 @ 09:56 AM | 5,893 Views
While waiting for a Phase3 F-16, I put together this little sport jet.
It's a plans built from Rich U's MicroWave. I had the wing cut by FlyingFoam which aided greatly in quick assembly. It's a basic balsa and ply airplane which is what I like. I'm using a 64mm fan and 3000 mAh battery w/60A ESC, all stuff I had on hand. It's intended to be hand launched but I use a bungee launcher, as I don't like to toss'em into the air. I have been flying it for a couple of weeks and it flies well, it's pretty quick and I have had a couple of mishaps on landing. Nothing serious to date, damage is repaired in about 20 minutes. If I were to build another, I would put some dihedral in the wing. Just a personal preference.

Posted by 335driver | Nov 22, 2011 @ 06:49 PM | 5,435 Views
Well, I got 2 more good launches and flights on the 163. Unfortunately, that was all, tried for a 3rd flight and again it
hooked to the left, came off the dolly and broke the prop. Changed the prop and tried again with the same results. As I had no more props, time to put the 163 away for the day. Then, I flew my RCLander Panther jet again, having flown it twice earlier. Third flight was OK but upon landing, it flipped over and broke off the tip tank. Not a big deal, some white glue and the tank will be back on and the Panther will fly again. I don't know about these 3rd flights, maybe my karma is outta sync somewhere in the universe !!!!.
Posted by 335driver | Nov 22, 2011 @ 10:21 AM | 6,269 Views
After many attempts to fly this plane, finally got it into the air.
Used a friend's dolly (James), he used it with an Alfa F-86 & Mig-15, it worked great for two launches but the third time the plane came off the dolly and I broke my last prop. I attempted to build my own dolly and tried it but for some reason would not track straight enough for the plane to take off, so back to the drawing board. James thought that the height of the plane on the dolly wouldn't allow it to rotate to go, so I will make the dolly a little taller and try it again. I am also going to try to ROG just using a bungee cord and see if that'll work. Will post results ASAP.