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A friend printed up some nose gear doors for the Flightline B-24. He was nice enough to provide me with a set. It is a relatively easy install. You just need the printed doors, 2 servos (ONE REVERSE) a short "Y" connection and two small (~40mm control rods).

Flightline B-24 nose gear doors (0 min 25 sec)

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30X Drone Zoom Camera With Object Tracking (3 min 57 sec)

Sky Eye-30HZ-S is a 3-axis high stabilized gimbal with 1080P 30X zoom camera for drone inspection, surveillance, search and rescue applications. The camera block is SONY FCB-EV7520, which provides 1080P 60FPS full HD video streaming and up to 360X zoom capability, which will enable you to see every detail you need in the air even you are far away from the object. High-performance 3-axis gimbal is using advanced FOC(field-oriented control) motor control technology which will enable you to get a 0.01-degree incredible precise control, so the gimbal will give you crystal clear and stable video footage.

Compact and lightweight
Sky Eye-30HZ-S weighs as little as 848g to help you meet your payload weight allowance.

Easy for integration
Sky Eye-30HZ-S comes with an amazing advantage that the gimbal can not only be controlled via PWM signal, but also the serial command. Also, gimbal data(like Yaw/Pitch/Roll angle, zoom status etc) can be obtained by sending the serial command to the gimbal via its serial port, which is really useful for precise gimbal control and system integration.

Object tracking and geotagging function
2 useful features are available on Sky Eye-30HZ-S. The first one is tracking, which will enable the pilot to track an object freely during daytime or night time. The second one is geotagging, that means the gimbal will geotag the gimbal position on video streaming or photo that you...Continue Reading
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I made 8 launches and landings over an 18 minute span to test 8 different patterns and the effect of the COB light in the cockpit. The COB strobe pattern definitely helps with orientation when flown low and beyond 200 ft. The 3M Dual Lock failed a few times to hold the light on the “headrest” cockpit bulkhead and I will need to improve this. The interior stock LED lights work OK to light up the cockpit but in flight they would be better used if installed on the leading edges of the wings. So that’s another nice to have mod.
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Things are moving along .. buying and selling rc aircraft .. Just love this hobby .. see anything that you must have ..?...Continue Reading
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I’ve had this blog since 2006. One of my early posts discussed my clubs field travails. In particular, I lamented the one that cost us a lot of money. Here is the post:


Yesterday, I had a reason to return to the landfill. We had done some demolition work for a room remodel and need to dump the debris. My son-in-law drove and I took it in. I felt a wave of nostalgia as we turned in the gate, the first time since 2005. Through the weigh scales, past the methane powered generators and up the old familiar hill. Even the turn off was the same one we used to use. The difference now being the giant landfill mountain where the flying field used to be.

My son-in-law and his two helpers unloaded the debris while I contemplated the fields fate. The 2020 date we were supposed to have the field to seemed a long time in the early ‘90s but not so long now. With the changes in the hobby, I wonder if we could have kept the 150 member roster that field needed to keep the maintenance up or would we be struggling now with no money to move on when they did claim the field for use. Never know.

We’re doing OK now. I think the recession hurt a lot due to gas prices but, thanks to fracking, that looks to be history. We’ve got one modest sized signature event for the fall and are trying to establish one for the spring. The fall event, discussed in an earlier pot is for modeler built models. With good weather we get about 25 pilots averaging about two planes each. We’ll be OK.
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A long running complicated project. The scope is to have a guided aid in the OSD about where to find your flying friend. With telemetry of their trajectory. Like this:

The bar shows from left to right, where they are, how far away they are, the altitude difference, their direction of flight relative to yours and their speed.
There are more visual examples and real life tests to be found on GitHub here.

Current status
The working code of this project is to be found on GitHub here.
It runs on a minimOSD board, it requires (LTM) telemetry data from both planes.
The minimOSD is wired as in the following diagram:

There where a few design choices I made and why. Since I didn't want an extra radio link for the telemetry I pursued the possibility to use the audio channel to get data from the air to the ground. Since the data of two pilots is now available on the ground, right by the video, the next design choice by using a ground based OSD made sense. And I like the solution I made of making the minimOSD hardware master-slave input to differentiate.

The flaws
I should mention the project as is is working. The challenges are that a very specific hardware setup is required. For the project to work your flying friend needs to provide (LTM) telemetry data and run his video through a minimOSD. And in my case I proved them with the audio chip, so they only needed to setup LTM data in their iNav FC wired to the audio of their VTX. And on the ground they run their video and...Continue Reading
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Just 2 listed here today and the first is impressive.

Aomway Commander V1 goggles for $239. This is easily the lowest price I've seen and represents amazing value for money. I written about them when I upgraded from box goggles here. I actually switched to the commander V2 but sold them and bought some more V1s because I preferred them

Happymodel Mobula 7 for $89. This not especially cheap but Banggood are the only retailer getting new stock at the moment.

I'm updating my discounts page every day or 2 at the moment with the sales on, heaps of good deals on there:

QuadifyRC Coupons and Discounts

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Name: TyroA.jpg
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Size: 902.3 KB
Pic of stock quad with some temporary 3D Printed legs (and yes, the cam isn't set properly for speed on these pics)

Disclaimer: I got this from Banggood for testing and review.
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I was asked to put in an affiliate link because Banggood has decided to institute a ROI, but I have elected not to do so which means that this will probably be one of my last (if not my last) reviews of items provided to me. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue (not the manufacturer's claims) as to how the darn thing works! Also, if you think I'm biased and won't knock an item that needs knocking, then you need to go back and check some of my other reviews...)

Now, who is this item marketed for. I can't see it being marketed for a die hard RC'er because they no doubt (like me) have plenty of quads with equal or better specs. So, I'm going to review this as a quad for a beginner to intermediate RC'er. Also, I'm going to presume that you already own (or are in the process of procuring) a transmitter, monitor or goggles, and a charger!

Viewing it that way, what do we see?

First, from everything I've seen and read, it's marketed as a $99 quad. Well, yes and no. It's a $99 PNP quad. It doesn't actually say PNP on BG (remember that I'm tailoring this review to a less experienced RC'er who may not get this fact) and...Continue Reading
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Dipole antenna's, they are my favourite go to antenna, sometimes a rubber ducky but in my opinion self-made (and tuned) antenna's really go a far way. Even unchecked a good measured self made dipole usually outperform a wrongly selected cheap rubber ducky.
However remarks about the use of balun's in dipole antenna's are found here and there. A complex topic? A difficulty to implement? I thought it's a good thing to explore!

First and third antenna have balun. The other two are a classic build dipole using a PCB to mount the active and counter-ground part's of the antenna.

For myself I made up the following rule: Use a dipole with a balun on the receiver side, use a dipole without a balun on the transmitter side. If the power of the transmitter is expected to be less then 250mW a dipole with balun could be used on the transmitter side.

But what is a balun?
I'm not the best to explain, but here is a nice write-up and where the idea and my first antenna's came from. Thanks kolins for my antenna's!
What I think it does, is limit the influence of the feeding coax cable, and in that way limit the influence of everything that is mounted beside the coax or on the airframe.
The chip I use is a ETC1-1-13, it's datasheet is to be found here. It is from the datasheet that I deduct that it's only to be used as a transmitter if the power is less then 250mW. Also it's only good for antenna's <3000MHz, so it's not to be used as a 5.8GHz antenna, I guess the chip is huge...Continue Reading
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Glue & Fly Series F-22 Micro V2 on 3S - Tuning Session #2

Here is a link to the Video:

Well, I just couldn't get the Elevator twitchiness out to suit my flying style.
It appears the problem is the Emax 2.5g Servos just do not have the granularity needed.
I had to move the Servo Control Rods to the inner most hole of the Servos Control Arms.
I also had to move the Control Horn Connections to the outer most hole on the Control Horns.
Finally, I think I can now get the granularity on the Elevator Control that I want.
Now, I just have to fine tune the Elevator Dual-Rates and Aileron Dual-Rates to exactly how I like them ;-)
This is Session #2 of the Tuning Process. I think this session will do it ;-)

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!

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Footage taken just before total darkness I was testing the latency and the Caddx Turbo Eye. It isn't that scientific and there was more smoke than fire but I could actually see much better in the goggle than through my eyes

I am not sure how much the latency affects my flying. Perhaps I could see more in the evening than in the daytime sunlight as the fpv feed is quite 'washed out' compared to a dedicated fpv camera.

Edit: It may be the sensor rather than the Caddx Turbo Eye lens that gives the 'weird lens effect'

🐢 Caddx Turtle v2 🐢 Twlight Latency Test - Trial by Fire 🔥🔥🔥 3 inch Bando Racer 3 (4 min 26 sec)

Equipment Used:
Flying the Kwad Karl (Bando Racer 3) BR3 Frame
XJB 145 build and motors
Caddx Turtle v2
VRD2 Pro Goggle
Jumper T8SG
Gemfan 3052

I still think this footage is better than the output of the Runcam Split Mini 2 . It's not quite as good as as a Go Pro

Best firmware versions dated 7th September 2018

Caddx Turtle Settings: 1080p 60FPS
Wide FoV
7 saturation
1 Sharpness
5 Contrast
5 Brightness
EV -0.3
WDR on

Ensure you lower the sharpness to 0 unless using another lens

Caddx Turtle V2 is NOT ALWAYS SHIPPED WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE 😱😱 The latest firmware is AMAZING 😱😱
(Note: How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle with black screen)

How to repair a bricked Caddx Turtle from a firmware update

September Firmware - works with v2 and soon to be tested with v1 board

How to update Caddx Turtle firmware (step-by-step):
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Testing RC inspection robots. Recording from the drone.

inspection robots - field tests by day (1 min 39 sec)

If you would like to see my other projects just visit:
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Here a simple video showing how to configure Helio Spring F4 IMU-F Flight Controller for FPort using FrSky receiver (R-XSR) but is the same for any other Helio Spring Flight Controllers.

The Helios FC is flashed with BetaFlight 3.5.2 and ODIN Firmware. Enjoy!

Helio Spring Flight Controller Configuration for FPort (5 min 51 sec)

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#18 A Wing! Wanted to try a wing so i got this. I got use to using rudder so flying this with no rudder feels odd but its still pretty cool. When im ready to try fpv, ill have this ready.
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#17 An other plane i got during the summer sale. This planes scale appearance is more my style. Nice smooth flight characteristics. Looks really good in the air.
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#16 Got this on one of Horizon hobbys summer sales. This thing really tracks like its on rails. Grass field handling is great. flys really nice but its appearance just isn't my thing. This ones up for sale.
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#15 First warbird. A friend hooked me up for a good deal on this. A real head turner at the field. Pretty floaty for a warbird. Got to make sure the motor mount is secured properly otherwise it really likes to pull to one side.
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#14 Pretty much perfect out the box. No mods needed. Can be a sporty fast flyer or a relaxing slow floater. Very forgiving stall. An other foamy in my top 3.
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#13 Got this plane second hand. Very ruff shape but with a little work it was airworthy. Flys good. I sold this one due to its condition but if i got my hands on a "like new" one, i think it could be a keeper.