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Posted by xplaneguy | Aug 07, 2013 @ 04:57 PM | 14,795 Views
Two months ago, our friend Corey decided to part with his trusty Phase 3 P-38 which had recently lost the right outboard horizontal stabilizer in flight and he was ready to let it go. I bought it from him for the low price of $25. My daughter Evelyn is a huge P-38 fan and just loves the P-38F "Glacier Girl".

The interesting part of this model story is that for years, there was a Phase 3 P-38 hanging in the Santa Clarita Hobby People and we both wondered if it would ever be for sale? This was several years after HP discontinued that model. We asked an employee and they didn't know if they could sell it. A short time later, the model was gone!

Fast forward a few years, that model was purchased from the shop by Corey, who knew the Manager and now is owned by Evelyn. Talk about coming full circle! Needless to say, when Corey shared that info with us, I decided to restore the old P-38 as "Glacier Girl" for Evelyn.

Evelyn has flown "Glacier Girl" three times and loves it! She showed Corey his old P-38 and he was glad it went to a good home. A happy ending!

Here's some photos.

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