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Posted by GFergy | Yesterday @ 11:00 PM | 42 Views
Recently, a friend asked me to set up two FrSky S6R receivers for him. He wanted them updated to the latest firmware and set up for use in a basic 4-channel fixed wing aircraft, with channels 5 and 6 in Aux mode. I decided to document the process I used to set up these receivers. I understand many Taranis owners prefer to use the Taranis radio and Lua script to update their receivers, as the process is simpler. I do not have a Taranis, so using the STK was the method I chose.

Although the following information has been covered numerous times, there still seems to be pilots struggling with the process. I hope this helps.
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Hello gals & guys!

How many are still enjoying their Clipped Wing Cubs?

Make a LONG Story Short, my buddy just gave me his and it was missing the Fuse Servos for Rudder / Elevator and no trying to be ungrateful but, the power system is someone on the heavy and the propeller output shaft had a wobble.

I almost sold it and thought for a moment that the last time I sold a model without trying it, I got really sorry feeling as it just defeats the purpose of being in this hobby in the first place! This little Clipped Wing Cub is just so nice looking that I just have to see what it does in the air. Of course I have seen the Horizon Hobby Video of this model in action and make no mistake that I know this should be a graceful little model with lots of mild sport potential.

The very first thing was to take OUT that heavy power system and I ordered the recommended E-Flite 280BL Motor and the 6.8 X 3.8 Propellers. After 3 days I had the new E-Flite 280 Outrunner in my hands and wasted no time and installed it with one Castle Creations BL 9-AMP ESC. Since it didn't come with any FUSE servos (Elevator / Rudder), I installed two Hitec HS-55's in their place and let me tell you, it is with a LOT of Patience I am here to say that working on such a small RC Airplane like this one has it's challenges. It was a Royal Pain in the Rusty Dusty in installing the new servos within that tiny and small receiver hole while you feed the connector wire towards the back of the...Continue Reading
Posted by Gobbyfurtoy | Yesterday @ 09:54 PM | 84 Views
Does anybody know the layout for these wires? I only need ground and motors 1-4 but I can't find a layout anywhere and it's not on the board
Posted by Gargar82 | Yesterday @ 09:33 PM | 83 Views
I just bought this f35 64mm rtf and upon battery connect, motor beeps with short pause and receiver blinks, can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong, thanks
Posted by LeeChapman | Yesterday @ 09:01 PM | 106 Views
Hello All
does anyone know of anyone that makes repo fuel tanks for ED engines like the
ED Bee
Comp special MK 2 or MK 3 ?

or Irvine Mills engines ?

any help appreciated
Lee Chapman
Adelaide Australia
Posted by rinoki71 | Yesterday @ 08:55 PM | 96 Views
My review of the HSP 94107 Pro Brushless RTR Buggy.

HSP 94107 Pro 1/10th Brushless RTR Buggy Review (16 min 5 sec)

Posted by kryptonite1995 | Yesterday @ 08:38 PM | 111 Views
AKK XT60 Parallel Charging Board[B][SIZE="5"]

...Continue Reading
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Here are some costs that I did not anticipate when I started flying RC airplanes.

75.00 AMA -- Dues & Magazine
75.00 Club Dues
134.99 DX6e 6 Ch Transmitter
22.39 Battery Case
TOTAL: $307.39
Posted by UpNup | Yesterday @ 04:10 PM | 242 Views
Cost Tax Item purchased
89.99 6.58 Rimfire .25 Outrunner Brushless motor
80.00 FF Short Kit
79.99 13.96 AR636 6-Channel AS3X Sport Receiver (SPMAR636)
56.58 3s 2200 Batteries ($30 ea. X 2)
39.55 15.95 Balsa Shipping $16
35.96 4 Servos _ New Power Digital Servo ($8.99 ea.)
34.99 ESC ZTW Beatles 60 Amp
19.95 3.5 Wheels - 3 3/4" Golden Age
17.99 Great Planes Brushless Motor Mount GPMG1255
16.34 1.1 Balsa
16.14 MonoKote Aluminum
14.98 6.78 FF Plastic Model via eBay (incl. shipping)
14.34 0.97 Balsa
13.59 Monokote Sapphire Blue
12.79 Balsa
9.60 0.68 Printed FF plans 1/5 Scale (AeroFred RCM)
9.59 Sullivan Pull Cable Kit #521
6.99 0.88 Paper Craft - White lettering
6.99 Spinner and backplate
6.97 Sandpaper assorted pack
6.50 Wheels - 1 7/8" Golden Age tailwheel
5.99 Scissors
5.98 0.42 Music Wire 3/32" and .062 in. X 5
5.97 0.87 Loctite Super Glue
5.49 Y-harness - JR Compatible Servo 12 inch
4.99 0.5 Balsa
4.67 Bulk Dura-Collars (wheels)
4.66 7.27 Pilot (shipping)
3.58 Balsa
3.58 Balsa
3.49 3.03 1" CA Hinges (24)
3.06 0.5 Spray Paint
2.99 Propeller
2.99 12" servo extension
2.98 Music Wire 1/8" X 36" X @ $1.49 ea.
2.49 0.29 Thumb tacks
2.44 Testors Paints for pilot
2.39 0.16 Balsa
2.00 3 2 Quick Links - control arms
1.95 2.63 Steel Straps
1.18 Landing Gear Straps (4) 1/8"
1.07 0.07 Balsa
1.00 0.07 Waxed paper
0.99 0.06 Kwik-link 1' - servo control and clevis elevator
665.75 69.27
$735.02 TOTAL Ford Flivver 1/5 scale build from plans
Posted by Batmanwpg | Yesterday @ 03:51 PM | 257 Views
Only a couple of nights to get to this stage. Used a 6mm depron sheet I found in my stock pile. This thing looked bigger on the plans sheet. It's actually a bit smaller than my other prop jets so it will get a smaller motor and run on 2S. Not to much selection for colour plates on google. This is the only decent colour plate I could find. Anybody got anything better?
Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 02:13 PM | 333 Views
20 years after viavoice began trying to push voice recognition to consumers & was an utter failure, voice recognition was rebranded as personal assistants with artificial intelligence & pushed a lot harder for the last several years. Lately, either people have got the Alexia bug or Jeff Bezos has been making a last ditch effort to promote it, much like his last ditch efforts to promote fire phone & kindle before they died. Nowadays, marketing has gotten good enough that you can't tell at all if people really crave something or if it's being pushed.

If there really was artificial intelligence anywhere near intelligent dialog to the level stock valuations reflect, it would have already changed everything.


Posted by Dennis Conner | Yesterday @ 02:02 PM | 340 Views
Hi every one
I just purchased a QX7 and I tried to load everything on to my SD card I thought I needed but I am having a problem when i turn my transmitter on I get a
(SD Card warning Expected Ver: 2.2 V0010) I think I did something wrong can anyone help me with this??????
Posted by C.Young | Yesterday @ 12:32 PM | 398 Views
My Wing Wing Z-84 (and some other planes too!) Efficiency Comparison Spreadsheet @googlesheets
Posted by RCAV8R13 | Yesterday @ 12:12 PM | 420 Views
Used my upside down water transfer decal trick to do a Maserati motif.
Posted by RCAV8R13 | Yesterday @ 11:44 AM | 416 Views
Having some fun. Made a virtual cockpit for my FW 80mm Avanti S EDF. The smoke canopy is too dark to see it very well so I will order a clear canopy when they are back in stock.
Posted by RCBronco | Yesterday @ 11:27 AM | 418 Views
This blog is a work in progress. I will try to add new things each day. This a 3d project I have working on.
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