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42" CF-100 Canuck, twin64mm high output fans...Almost flight ready......down to push rods and control horns.....tested the fans,
and my trepidation about not having enough thrust was unwarranted
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An RC Pilot Goes to Heaven

One day when life is over
And before my Lord I stand,
He’ll look at me with eternal love
And a model in His hand.

It’ll look just like the one I flew
Upon the wind so free.
I’d built it in my shop to fly
And from the world set free.

Jesus held it out for me
And asked me how it flew.
Memories came flooding in right then
It was my life reviewed.

He asked me if I’d really felt
The Creator’s hand in mine?
To plan, to cut, to sand, and coat,
Until the plane was fine.

He opened my mind to see the save
When that earthward plunge pulled up
I saw His hand beneath the wings
And yet I counted it luck.

I heard my heart then heave a sigh
When flying out of sight
Up and up, it went so high,
No longer in the sky.

A little prayer I’d prayed that day
He’d heard it bye and bye.
But I missed how He comforted me
Flying buddies by my side.

I remembered all with clarity
No longer with remorse.
The Lord had been there all along,
A Friend to me, of course.

I took the plane from the Master’s Hands
And looked at it anew.
Jesus had kept it safely here
A joy for me He knew.

I launched the plane, it flew away.
‘Twas perfect now like me.
I saw the twinkle in His eye,
A friend to modelers He.
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Robert Graves mentioned that Atlas was the first astronomer ..This would mean that Astronomy was introduced by the Atlanteans ..

Lord Dowding, Lychgate .. These wonderful beings who outstripped all other races in THE QUEST OF KNOWLEDGE, and incidentally overlooked the need for SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT in themselves ..

◄► Beyond The Pillars of BRIAREUS is situated (kui-land أرض القوي) , THE GREAT RULER OF THE EARTH .. The (kui / قوي / strong) ..

James Churchward : The Great Ruler of the Earth ​, exists no longer, she was shaken up and down by earthquakes in various places. The land rolled like ocean swells ..

Finally, the Pillars that supported her gave way. She then sank into a fiery abyss.

As the Great Ruler went down, flames from the fires of the underneath arose and enveloped her. The waters rolled in over her sunken form ..

Pillars (عماد) were supporting Mu, a lost continent in the Pacific Ocean? .. An absurd story, that is not based on facts! ..

However it must be admitted that the allegory is funny! .. Pillars allegorize Haughtiness stemming from (improper pride) owing to (Arrogance and Aufgeblasenheit) ..

comp. with. Hrothgar's Hall and Iram of the Pillars ..

◄ The syllable "Mu" suggests a playful allusion to (mother) = (ام ), a single consonant letter word ..

By analogy, ( Egypt مص&#...Continue Reading
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New 238-100 motor 28kw continuous rated power 55kW peak power.
HALBACH ARRAY VERSION AVAILABLE ! OEM welcome customization available .

55kw peak power
28kw continuous power
ESC:120V @ 500A
MAX CURRENT draw: 280A
40 pole
HALBACH ARRAY version 20 pole
Kv available: 15, 25, 38, 48, 55, 87kv
tested with 52 inch 3 blade carbon prop
155 lb lift

...Continue Reading
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Built this for an O scale model railroad.
Alaska RR never had a marine division so this sort of just developed over emails in a few days time.
Tug, car float and the ramp to get off the dry land.
Well weathered for that authentic model railroad look
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I have a zip zap se the red and black Ford mustang gt the wires came apart can anyone help with how they go back in the right spot
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Get your Land SnaiL 930 Electric Skateboard at Beach RC

WhatsApp/Skype: +8613670131260

#BrotherHobby #LandSnaiL #ESkateboard #LandSnaiL930 #electricskateboard #esk8 #eboard #eboarding #electricskateboarding #skateboard #skate #electricscooter #BeachRC
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Foxeer Micro Lollipop 5.8G 2.5DBi High Gain Omni RHCP FPV Antenna for RC Drone Airplane

Foxeer Micro Lollipop. Измеряем КСВ. Наземный тест дальности. (10 min 3 sec)

Link: Foxeer Micro Lollipop
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This was the third time learning to fly the Eflite P39 Airacobra using the 12/8 APC prop and 2200 4S SMART lipo. Weather was 3 mph crosswind and 60F so we concentrated on low approaches and go arounds. We found out the lowest power setting for taxi and it turned out to be between 25-30% throttle setting on the DX6 (students) and DX9 (instructors) on screen display. We set throttle cut and moved the throttle up to 25-30% and then uncut the throttle. The P39 broke away from the fabric runway and with in 5 seconds (Throttle Cut Delay) the P39 reached a top speed of about 3-5 mph. We used this same throttle setting on the downwind and then on final with gear and flaps 100 the P39 had a nice descent. We kept her high to clear the 60 ft trees (that have claimed many models) and then once clear used full down (SAFE On limited to about a 40 degree dive) to level off in ground effect (5-7 ft). With only rudder she touched down smooth as silk with this 5 mph taxi power setting. No bounce no guessing when to flare just landing with power on. The hardest part is to take your eyes off the model and setting 25-30% throttle setting. No throttle curve or other adjustments needed.

We tried a 4 yr old 3200 4S pack and got more time but when the countdown timer said 20 seconds to land I made a steep descent clean and put the gear down at about 50 ft. The 2 second setting for gear and 100% flaps was just in time as I touched down in the grass 1 ft away from the fabric...Continue Reading
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Does anyone know where I can go fly around Banbury area?
I m new on ce plane hobby,loving it,the flight club is close due covid restrictions,so I m looking to an open area around me to go and practice on my own.
I have a little hobby horizon sportcubs2.
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Eachine TX06 - lightest AIO FPV cam (1 min 56 sec)

Perfect for light tinywhoops! Only 2g with 25mW VTX. 5 Bands, 40 channels.
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This is not an ad, but bloody hell if they sell DLE111 with mufflers at 99 usd somebody sould be interested to control!!!
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Some files for some builds
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In this video I'm having some fun with my ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16. The ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16 is the little brother of the ZD-Racing Thunder ZMT-10. Its not the fastest car but I think its a fun, complete and good rc car. I'm sorry but sometimes its difficult to see in the video because of the sunlight!

If you like it buy it here!

Please visit my website!


ZD-Racing Raptors MT-16 bashing (14 min 0 sec)

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Glue & Fly™ F-22 Raptor Micro V2 - DustOff Flights #19 & #20 - It's Awesome! Plans are Available!

Get the GFS F-22 Raptor Micro V2 Plans & Docs Here:

Here is a link to the Video:

Here is a link to the Playlist:

Banggood GCRC

Here are links to the components:

Racerstar Racing Edition 1407 BR1407 3500KV 2-3S Brushless Motor (Primary)

EMAX ECO Micro Series 1407 2~4S 4100KV Brushless Motor (Alternate - Not Tested)

Turnigy Plush-32 12A (2~4S) Speed Controller w/BEC (Primary)

Turnigy Plush-32 Series ESC Programming Card

Htirc Hornet Series 12A 2-4S Brushless ESC With 5V/2A BEC (Alternat - Bench Tested)

Hobbywing FlyFun 12A Brushless ESC (Alternate - Not Tested )

GemFan Bull Nose 3545 GRP/Nylon Propellers CW/CCW Set Green (2 pairs) (Primary)

GNB 7.4V 550mAh 2S 80/160C Lipo Battery JST Plug (2S Primary) Reading
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Hello, I have a little problem:

I have acquired a cnc mill and would like to cut out an airplane kit for a DeHavilland Beaver. The plans are in a pdf format.
My cnc software is CNCjs and only takes g-code files. I've taken the pdf and cut out the part with all the parts on it, that need cutting out.
My problem:
I need to turn this pdf file into a g-code file. This has proved quite difficult for me, due to the fact, that the converted g-code file doesn't show the parts, but only seemingly random rectangles, triangles and other shapes.

If you need any extra information, feel free to ask.

hugo s.
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Audio transcription is the process of converting speech in an audio file into written text.

In simplest form, it is the transformation of verbal communication and audio materials into text format. Interviewers, court reporters, professional secretaries and web design specialists create audio transcripts as part of their everyday job responsibilities.

For many businesses across the globe, audio transcription is an essential part of the daily grind. There has been a huge shift in content from written to audio and video, meaning there’s reams of data to be typed up by an audio transcription service.

The Benefits of Using Transcription
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Best and easy way to distribute information
While you can share information in the audio format, it is difficult to access and use such files, as and when you need them. This is not the case with audio transcriptions. With an audio transcript in hand, you can read them in PDF or .doc formats and even print them out. The versatility of audio transcripts make it easy to use and share on an anytime, anywhere basis.

Get More Video viewers
As video blogging is growing, as well as...Continue Reading
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A batch of heroic soldering, a reversed buck converter, & the motors came to life. Mounting those right angle hall effect sensors took some doing. Mounting the motors was another buster. Things aren't as modular as hoped.

A few dozen more farsteners would go a long way. Given how many farsteners were in the standard model copter, the lion kingdom might have over emphasized efficiency of farsteners. The wires aren't very vibration proof either. It could stand to use another plate with wire traps .

After voltage testing, a few strange sounds, the wheels lunged forward. It was still running firmware for calibrating the motors & it showed the drivers were installed correctly.
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Using 8mm EPP foam, fishing pole sections and hotglue to make a fuselage. No templates, just eyeballing it. Wonder what it will be?
Posted by GBLynden | Yesterday @ 12:06 AM | 4,441 Views
This is Roy's HobbyKing H-King A-1 Skyraider PNF RC Warbird Flight. During the video, you can see other RC Airplanes in the background like the E-flite Viper & E-flite F-15 EDF Jets.

Roy's HobbyKing H-King A-1 Skyraider PNF RC Warbird Flight (7 min 10 sec)