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Posted by sandet01 | Jan 31, 2020 @ 06:31 PM | 7,518 Views
A flight logger and battery use meter for the Taranis X9D family. Tested and used in versions from 2.2.4 to 2.3.11.
-shamelessly modeled on the work by Vulturetec.

Why? There are much easier options for electric powered models - voltage sensors, amperage sensors, etc. But a traditional fuel engine with a flight-controls-only battery is more problematic. Amp usage is too small for a sensor to reliably measure. Volts only really tell you "It's time to quit". In these models, one can get many flights off of one charge. The question is: "How many?", or more importantly "Can I get one more flight in for the day?" Old school is to track the time for each flight, and then measure how many maH's were put back in. Then use that info to guesstimate how many average flights a pack may allow before going dead. This script does all that for you!

Automatically detects takeoff events as flights, and total time receiver was "on" for a day. On a new day, asks for the mAH restored to the flight pack. Uses that data to estimate remaining battery capacity for the current day. Shows total flights and time from the prior day, as well as grand totals since first use.

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Requires a long press of the Page button to get the main screen to display after turning on the transmitter.

Pretty self explanatory as to what is what. The battery gauge takes the current time, and uses the long-term average of mAH/Min to estimate how much juice is...Continue Reading