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Alternative to soldering probe wires to the battery leads
Posted by Blaze0021 | Today @ 02:49 PM | 1,722 Views
FMS ASW-17 PNP 2500mm Glider Flight (11 min 22 sec)

With a 2500mm wing span, you would probably guess that the FMS ASW-17 is a complicated and daunting model. Nothing could be further from the truth. With clip-in / click attachments for the wing and tail surfaces, this model was very easy to assemble with no tools required.

I also had a Turnigy Large Glider Backpack which makes transporting and storing this model even easier:

Flying this model was every bit as satisfying. I could not ask for a better glider model that satisfies every "tick" in my "must have" requirements - Easy to assemble / disassemble / transport, large (its bigger than myself), a lot of power for the size, every RC cliche you can say like "flies on rails" (I dislike that saying btw.. the last thing I saw fly on rails was a Ford Bronco that flew off a guard rail on I-25).

An amazing FMS PNP glider model, it is definitely, "Bigger than life."

1) RX - Spektrum AR630 antenna-less RX (AS3X-enabled)
2) TX - Spektrum DX8 (G2)
3) Lipo - Pulse 4S 2250mAh 45C (234 grams)
4) CG - 77mm from leading edge of main wing (Range is 70-80mm)
4) Throttle Timer - Set to 5 Minutes
5) Control Rod Placement - Per Manual
6) Rates - All surfaces (Aileron / Elevator / Rudder) set to 125% with 5% Expo to the Elevator only.
7) Flap Settings:
Flaps Up at -100% with 0% Down Elevator
Mid Flaps...Continue Reading
Posted by jmxp69 | Today @ 02:43 PM | 1,711 Views
I've been trying to squeeze the most out of this budget 4k camera and with the help of ffmpeg and the most awesome derperview non-linear stretch tool I think I've got a pretty awesome result. Of course the flying can use some work:

Cheap 4k Combo with Solid Results • Diatone Roma F5 and Runcam5 Orange (7 min 14 sec)

Posted by BernardW | Today @ 12:01 PM | 1,828 Views
I just had my AstraZenica COVID jab today and I'm getting a bit of a reaction. A lot of people do, I'm not concerned and I don't feel in any danger, but it's not 100% smooth sailing. They cleared it for 50-year olds just a few days after my 50th birthday and I know a lot of the jobs and venues I do are going to require it sooner or later so I thought, why not, it's free. Now about 10 hours later I've started to feel sore and mildly feverish... if you've ever had a dose of blood poisoning it's like that but a lot milder. Still not what you call pleasant.
Anyway. Still happy to do it. I feel it's worth it. I had my hepatitis A and B shots years ago and that made me feel rotten for 5 days, if that's what Hep feels like I'm glad I'm protected against it. 5 days mild symptoms to prevent years of potentially much worse, yep, sign me up.
Of course not everyone feels like I do about it and you make your own choices, I just wanted to report on how it went for me. I'm inviting any replies and discussion about it anyone cares to make. Good to discuss these things and get ppl asking and answering questions
Posted by DutchRC | Today @ 11:21 AM | 1,839 Views
Halloa RC people

not so much a review video this time.. This is more-less a vlog of me testing several things.. I am in the process of testing:
+ Orqa FPV.One FPV Goggle
+ Wfly ET16S radio
+ ZOHD Drift airplane

And I guess I'm also still in the process of trying the Gopro 9 (this is my second video recorded with the cam)

Soooo some things worked out great.. some not so much

Orqa FPV.One + Wfly ET16S + ZOHD Drift + ZOHD VC400 (19 min 48 sec)

Posted by | Today @ 07:15 AM | 3,497 Views
Here is my in depth review of the 104001 looking at the design, build quality and performance of this car. I've tortured this thing daily for the past month to see what I could find out. There are definite shortcomings and some solid benefits so you'll need to decide what is important to you to guide your purchase decision.

Here is a key quote from my review:

The Bottom Line
This is a well designed car that is based on a proven racing machine. There are obvious shortcomings in this model, most notably the chassis flex as a result of costing a fraction of the price of the car it is based on. These are only small issues though on a car that is generally over-engineered for the power system it is supplied with. This means that it should be super-durable if you wish to keep it stock but should easily handle a lot more power if you choose to upgrade - a great car to start and grow with.

...Continue Reading
Posted by fulcrum825 | Yesterday @ 09:18 PM | 8,638 Views
Hello friends

My name is Sid and I love to fly aeromodels in my spare time.

I have this model Dago red lying in a box with me since some time. I want to convert it to electric as glow is not my thing.

I have this electric motor twister 19 (450 kv I think) and 80.amp Esc. Which battery and prop would you recommend for this model. I was thinking of 6 S 2700 mAH battery and a 15x8 prop.

Also if any of you has a build video for the Dago red, would you be kind enough to share it please my email is [email protected].

Thanks and regards

Posted by Craycle Hobby | Yesterday @ 05:32 PM | 9,222 Views
5 mm shaft diameter.
35 mm spinner outer diameter.

Our new screw free 3d printed prop spinner design that we made for FPV ORCA.

Also to be suitable for handmade models, we offer you this product for free.

STL download link:

Follow us for the next projects.
Posted by Old_Pilot | Yesterday @ 04:59 PM | 9,451 Views
All I can say is Wow.....this thing is a bullet

Venom III (2 min 2 sec)

Posted by Jack Crossfire | Yesterday @ 03:45 PM | 9,353 Views
Testing of Starship Autonomous Delivery Robots in Silicon Valley (2 min 52 sec)

It was 90% autonomous, at least 5 years ago. It's slow & noisy, being based on a traditional geared transmission. It has 6 wheels with the 4 corner wheels powered. It gets up curbs by lowering its center wheel & resting on its rear wheel. It uses skid steering. The tires are even more minimal than lion tires. There's no suspension. It's quite large.

Routes are mapped in fine detail. They have limited ability to avoid obstacles. They usually stop when confronted by a human instead of going around. It goes 4mph.

Top 6 Delivery Robots - Self Driving (Autonomous) Delivery Robots (7 min 56 sec)
...Continue Reading
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NOTATAZ : 20/20 Et j'assume ! lol
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Voici également mon Tableau de coupons et Promos que je remet à jour régulièrement, les liens sont des liens affiliés donc vous pouvez garder ce tableau en favoris et utiliser ses liens pour aller sur Banggood : TABLEAU DES PROMOS ET COUPONS 2021 RC et ACCESSOIRES (remis à jour quotidiennement, en utilisant ces liens, vous aidez la chaîne, ) :

- Si Vous voulez aider la chaî...Continue Reading
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Originally Posted by flyerinokc
From the sound of it you would fit right in here in Oklahoma. If the wind ever stops blowing we'll all fall down! My sons have a friend who worked lights and sound on the Disney Tours over here I'm sure the COVID killed his business too. I know we have a lot restaurants and retail stores who have gone out for good with this mess. I was one of the lucky ones who stayed working, I was already working from home so our routine didn't change much.
Disney On Ice was one of the first shows I worked on when I joined the crewing agency that provides stagehands and other crew for the big concerts, in 2017 (I've been in the industry since 1990 one way or another but only joined that group more recently). I'm not allowed to publicly post details about the shows but I can tell you that Disney On Ice has been around for a good 30 years, more probably, and some of the props and equipment are even that old. Parts of the sound that I saw were very interesting, great cutting-edge stuff, but cutting edge for around 1995 - 2000

On that type of show it's more designed like a theatre setup than a big rock concert. The audience is mostly young families with many small children so you can't just blow them away with rock concert sound! So theatre sound is different, it's more about smaller speakers but more of them in more places, and you might have the music coming from one...Continue Reading
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This device allows you to convert 2-6S Lipo power to USB power output. It uses for powering the popular XT60 connector. You can then easily charge your mobile or other USB devices with Lipo batteries up to 6S. The converter is offering quick charging too (QC3.0). The free .stl file can be found on thingiverse
3d printed XT60 to USB converter (3 min 16 sec)

Posted by Glitch52 | Yesterday @ 05:23 AM | 12,750 Views
Started with Nano S3 in March. Got the mCPX BL2 in April. The Nano only works in green mode. The mCPX works in all 3 modes but ive already replaced the control board. Using a DX6e.
Posted by CrackerBox2020 | May 14, 2021 @ 07:19 PM | 17,714 Views
So it took a while to get going again.
I got the clear coat sprayed on.
I guess I'm not so good at this step.
Turned out as more of a fog coat than smooth and shiny.
Wet sanded w/ 800 and going for a second coat.
I let it flash and all the other tips, I just didn't apply properly.
I'll take more time this round and hopefully it turns out right.
Posted by Glitch52 | May 14, 2021 @ 07:03 PM | 11,609 Views
I needed a hobby so I grabbed a Nano s3 RTF. Fell in love with micros all though the s3 didnt seem to work in IU1 (blue light). So i got a Spektrum DX6e and started learning to use that. I used the Nano S2 file and got it running but only green mode. So then i got the mCPX BL2. I fly the bearings off that one! So I backordered a 150s BNF. Impatience struck lolol so i grabbed an OMP M2 Explore. What a monster! Iwas clueless on setup so i didnt have self level set up and didnt know. Got about a 3 minute sad attempt at hover before i over corrected into my rollaway tool box. So a swash plate, grips, blades and now needed hardware, Ive decided to get the RealFlight 9.5 and a dongle. Cant wait for zero dollar impacts and trying to do orientation flying instead of just tail in swoops and circles. Oh yeah, i figured out self level on the M2 and its now working but waiting for hardware cuz i lost a tiny brass domed washer and a brass spacer. So thats where im at from March 1st to now. Im thinking July i might get a Trex 300x to learn more on what it takes to piece one together. Hopefully by september it will be complete and im off the self level flying!
Posted by VicT | May 14, 2021 @ 05:33 PM | 17,955 Views
This is a file for NX transmitters. The program retracts spoilerons when full throttle is applied. It uses flight modes. The program will work with NX transmitters and iX12 but not DX Gen 2 transmitters.
Posted by JeffMac | May 14, 2021 @ 05:19 PM | 17,952 Views
All -

I built H.A. Thomas's FM RANGER back in 2016. I enlarged it from the 24" span rubber powered model to a 32" span park 250 electric rc model. It flew O.K. but did not respond well on " rudder" steering. The dihedral just did not seem to be enough. I learned to fly it with that limitation but it just wasn't fun, and other projects led to it gathering dust. This spring, tiring of the pretty design setting on the shelf, i decided to take action. The wing covering was removed, the wing placed on the scroll saw and panels were cut carefully from the center section. The TLAR dihedral increase took place. The wing was recovered in blue litespan and a test flight showed it to fly like a totally different airplane - it is now very responsive and fun to fly. Sorry, but no video has been possible but when i can take one, it will be added to this post. The FM RANGER is a pretty design published in the June 1950 Flying Models , designed by H.A. Thomas. If anyone builds it, make sure to have enough dihedral ( or ailerons) and enjoy a very streamlined nice flying bird.

i'm now considering building the 24" original size for electric rc.....

Complete build log is linked below :

More later,