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Posted by br14nh | Jun 03, 2019 @ 09:14 AM | 1,149 Views
I've left alone some of the popoular mods (e.g. canopy, cockpit, pilot) and gone for more of the mechanical stuff....
It seems my plane waas a Monday/Friday job because some of the hinges were in crooked and the flaps on one side were warped. Never mind, they were always coming out... Below is a list of what I've done so far - I've installed the Killer Planes CF reinforcement (in the wings only so far as that's what I've spent all my time on up until now) - no photos of that, as it's proprietary info, but here's what I've done:
- glued flaps together and cut out, removed hinges, thinned the wing foam over the flap cut out (that was some delicate cutting!!), cut the section protruding over the longer flap back at the nacelle end to make it a little more parallel with the aileron (left it the same protrusion at the aileron and cut it back at the nacelle) and reinforced the thinned long section with clear plastic strip from a "blister" pack, added foam putty to create a curve in the inside top of the wing to match the flap leading edge and shaped and glued a plastic piece between the flap and aileron to further support the thin wing foam. Flaps now have more realistic rounded leading edges. I'm tossing up whether to slightly move hinge position back and up a few mm so hinges line up exactly with pivot point of torsion shaft, which will make the flaps "rotate" slightly instead of just pivoting down, hopefully giving them a tad more realism.

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Posted by br14nh | Jun 03, 2019 @ 08:36 AM | 1,026 Views
Here are some pics of my Mossie mods... specifically;
- I rewired the wingtip lights so the front pair are wired separartely to the rear pair, and replaced the Landing lights mid-wing with hi intensity white LEDS that draw the same current as a normal LED. Using the Freewing LED Controller supplied and connected through the gear sequencer, , they turn on & off with the landing gear.
- I made some plastic "pockets" out of PVC conduit cover - softened under hot water, moulded to fit the servo for a tight fit. I used a dead servo to position and cut out the foam to fit them in place, and fashioned a cover out of ABS PLastic from a Jeweller's screwdriver case. I also fashioned a servo arm extension from aluminium - the servo had enough travel without it while using a servo tester, but when I hooked up my radio, (Turnigy i10) it didn't provide enough travel.
- Flaps were cut out and given a rounded leading edge - attached using Dubro pin hinges, I recessed the torsion rod so it didn't interfere with flap travel so had to gouge out inside the chanel it moved in to give it enough room to move

I couldn't work out how to post videos here, so they're in the comment following this post.

Below are all the specs on the work I've done on this model:
- I matched the paint colours at the local Bunnings, I overcoat with Wattyl Speed Clear Satin to match gloss level
- I bought from Killer Planes with Supermax reinforcement - some installation needed
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