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Posted by ErikW1969 | Nov 17, 2017 @ 10:41 PM | 8,142 Views
I've only been using these fatshark goggles for a few months but from day one I hated having the battery hanging on my face. It's constantly popping out of the strap and the extra weight on my face is uncomfortable. I thought that finding an extension cable to get that thing off of my face and into my pocket would be easy. I was wrong. The only cables I could find were either too short to reach your pants pocket if you were fairly tall, or were garbage. The other thing I noticed is that most of them either didn't have a balance plug, or if they did it was run as a separate full-length wire from the balance plug on the battery to the goggle, which is unnecessary.

So I ended up making my own cable for about $5 in parts. The finished cable is about 38.5" from plug to plug. I am 6' 1" tall and that is long enough to put the battery in my pants pocket with a little slack remaining in the cord. The balance plug is just spliced into the power lead near the goggles so there's only one cable running to your battery that connects to the power plug, leaving the balance plug on the battery free. Since I only needed the outer two wires on the balance lead, I removed the center wire from the connector.

I use the battery balance plug to power the eachine EV100 DVR . It's easy to reach the DVR to start/stop recording. instead of having to take off the goggles to see the buttons.

The parts I used:

DC Power Right Angle Adapter Extension Cable 5.5mm x 2.1mm Barrel Plug 1m/3ft -...Continue Reading
Posted by ErikW1969 | Nov 08, 2017 @ 02:04 AM | 4,769 Views
Hey yawl,
If you have trouble focusing on the screen you can add the dollar tree reading glasses. Made the focus perfect for me. Did the same thing with the ev800 goggles I had before based on a post in rcgroups and, similar to those, these also have a channel that seems to be made to accept the glasses but it's right next to your face and you have to bend the glasses to fit. Here's how I did it;

Buy the 2.75 reading glasses with the black frames marked "wide frame" that have the squarish lenses and remove the arms and the bit on the frame that the arms attach to - I just snipped that part off with flush cutters.

Heat up the nose piece with a lighter so it's soft enough to bend and then bend the glasses to fit the goggles. You can easily take the goggles apart with four screws so you can line up the glasses in the slot to get the bend angle correct.

Install the glasses in the slot with the goggles apart or you can do it with them assembled by inserting one side first into one of the corners and then flexing them enough to squeeze into the mask opening.

They will sit very close to your eyes like this but it works. You could also position them behind the nose guard on the goggles but they will sit up higher and you won't be able to see the bottom edge of the screen clearly. You could of course cut some stuff to get them to sit lower I suppose but having them in front of the nose guard kind of locks them into place and seems to work - for me at least.

One good thing about doing it this way is you can easily take them in or out as needed and since I'm using them for ride-along passenger goggles that's a big plus.