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Posted by drmgcm | Jan 17, 2013 @ 07:17 PM | 8,968 Views
This is a Kevin Sharbonda Zone 2 DLG Wing build, this is my first ever wing build so I took it nice and slow.

I would just like to say the quality of Kevin's wings is fantastic, I've seen other wings to compare and this is excellent.

Some things i came across during this build, whilst joining the wing halves the epoxy out here in the high heat of the tropics goes off really quick, but i still had plenty of time to position and set my dihedral angle just. I used finely chopped up carbon fiber tow mixed into the resin to give me some extra strength.

I had originally drilled the bolt holes with a cordless drill, and unfortunately i drilled the holes off angle, so i had to re-pot the holes and do it again with a drill press.

But then i actually noticed after i re-drilled the holes, that my wing saddle was the one that was actually off not my drilling, so in order to be able to use both the original wing and this new wing, i added a very thin epoxy shim strip along the underneath of one side of the wing to compensate and bring the wing level.

Trying to get the push rods the correct length for the top drive gave me a real headache to get the proper geometry and resolution, once i got the geometry correct I finally came out with about 30 degrees of deflection for the flaps, but that should be fine.

On the throwing peg i chose to go with a round peg instead of the blade, as it seems to feel much more comfortable on my fingers, and i know people talk about the...Continue Reading