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Posted by yzguy | Jul 26, 2014 @ 09:14 PM | 10,590 Views
This is an awesome small fpv setup!
Wing Wing Z84 845mm wing span
AUW 620 grams

200mw 1.3 TX

dragon link UHF tx and rx

dragon link 1.3 vid antenna

#16 808 cam for on board recording and real time flight camera

Switch activated lost plane buzzer (fail safe set to NOT activate it, as that would make the Beacon not work, as it uses lack of sound to start transmitting)

FM kit UHF beacon

1800 3s battery

Apc 7X4 prop (trimmed a little for clearance then balanced)

Emax CF 2812 Motor (40 g 1534kv)

on 3s 675g thrust, 12.7 amps 12556rpm

hobby king 25 amp esc

Vector flight controller and OSD

ready made rc 3 Amp BEC

ready made RC 12 step up vreg for vid tx
Other Version

servo city tilt arm from the pan and tilt set (the 360 pan did not fit the servos I had)

MD260 180 degree servo.

I've only gone about 2 miles so far with this, but I'm sure it will go further

Edit: hit 5 miles out with it, but only came back 4 miles due to head wind. Battery died, but I did find it, thanks to the FMKit...Continue Reading
Posted by yzguy | Apr 17, 2014 @ 11:50 PM | 17,773 Views
I added a lemon RX with ppm out to my Taranis to be used for a wireless buddy box. I also added a small momentary switch, hooked up to the bind button, so that I can bind it without opening up the TX, just turn on the TX while holding down the button.

I hooked up the ppm out from the rx to the trainer input of the tx, and found a switched power connection to power the rx from.
I used a 5V regulator, but in looking at the specs, I don’t think I had to.

Make sure when you mount the tx, it is not in the way of the movement of the sticks when the case is closed. I just used double side tape to mount the rx. With the TX case closed, you can still see the LED of the RX if you look through the small spaces in the gimbal (may need low light, and to look from different angles)

Once you have the rx connected, you need to set a custom function to activate the trainer and to calibrate it for the buddy box you have bound to the rx.

Long press menu
Press page
Press page

In this menu, when you move the sticks around on the buddy box, you should see the numbers at the bottom move around.

Click + and – to move around the page, go to each mode and set to := (for replace channel when trainer is activate)
Set Ail and Rud channels to -100, this way you can bind a blank model from a speketrum tx, and everything should work.
Use + and – to get to the Cal setting, then press enter, set buddy sticks to center (including throttle) click menu to reset all numbers close to 0....Continue Reading
Posted by yzguy | Jan 31, 2014 @ 07:23 PM | 6,396 Views
I wanted to power my dragon link TX from my new spektrum dx9, but did not want to tear into it too much. So here is what I did, that it totally reversible.

I got a new lipo for it, to supply more power, and because I was going to modify the battery:

then I cut the wires off the end, and added in 2 more wires (one positive and one negative) and wired them to a small socket. Then drilled a hole in the back of my battery cover, jb welded in the socket to the battery cover, and put the new lipo in the TX. Now I plug the Dragon link into the trainer port and the power port, and this turns on both the DX9 and the DL.

To go back to stock, just put the stock battery back in, and buy a new battery cover.
Posted by yzguy | Dec 23, 2013 @ 11:51 PM | 4,615 Views
wl toys v979 quad with water cannon

WL toys v969 quad with bubble blower

The bubble blower

The water cannon

Rc switch

I started with the WL Toys quad and got the attachments. I really like the attachments, but donít like flying the quad so much, it is way too mushy for me. So I got a blade 180qx board, and put it on the WL toys frame. The board mounting holes did not line up so I used an old gift card, cut it to size, poked holes for mounting and mounted it like the old board. Then double sided taped the new board to the gift card.

I got an RC Switch to activate a couple of the add ons, cut off a connector from the stock board, and wired up an adapter to activate them.

Now I can also pop on my mqx fpv canopy and go on a mission to squirt something down, or deliver some bubbles 
More on my fpv set up:

It is a bit heavy with both the fpv stuff, and the attachments, but still flys ok....Continue Reading
Posted by yzguy | Jan 25, 2010 @ 11:36 PM | 4,920 Views
To see my RC stuff the index is here:

some videos:
Blade MQX FPV ground station case (1 min 44 sec)

more info on the FPV system:

home made hot wire cutter (4 min 40 sec)
...Continue Reading