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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 17, 2019 @ 07:45 AM | 2,396 Views
I should be getting this next, should stand a better chance of 3d flying ( inverted ) than the sailfly due to the bigger motors , I got the sailfly to 3d but not brilliant due to the smaller motor and ESC sizes, this might work perhaps...

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Buy it here
And a couple of coupons to try to get it cheaper.
Coupon 1 ($111.75): BGToothpick
Coupon 2 ($115.56): bgssaff9

Full speed toothpick pro.
Looks good from specs, bit more speed and power is always good lol.
Definitely worth checking out and I'll update when I get mine.
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 05, 2019 @ 06:28 AM | 3,324 Views
First up here is a discount code and affiliate product link ( 12% saving and no extra cost to you and helps me out too )
Code BGred12

Sailfly -x

Full review and I will add things later on as I discover new information experiences with this quad.
Video bench review
Eachine reddevil bench view vs sailfly (14 min 20 sec)

More Flight videos at the end.
Eachine reddevil 2nd flight at the park (6 min 2 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 05, 2019 @ 01:42 AM | 2,687 Views
Since I bought my hobbyking 4 port charger a while ago I always wanted something quieter and then the thing stopped working on 2 channels and the other 2 don't do storage charge anymore so I guess you get what you pay for...
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Hobbymate D6 duo pro charger review and feature look plus lipo safe bag. (14 min 49 sec)

After watching some reviews on this charger I decided to give it a try and i am glad I did, after updating firmware as per instructions and disabling wireless charging the charger is totally silent ( fan only runs when temperature inside is over 60c and goes back off again when it goes bellow about 50c iirc ) most of the time and is much smaller and runs off mains power or a DC source like a battery.

Has great features and balances cells perfectly.

I got mine from Amazon UK too so no need to worry about postage times and import duties.
Product link none affiliate

If you want to help me please my affiliate referal thanks.
And this lipo safe bag is great and pretty cheap and big.

Been using both for a about a week now and very happy with them, the bag is useful for storage and carrying batts and chargers etc,
But the charger itself is great, almost makes charging fun lol, the display is big and bright and shows either single battery info or both at the same time, whilst charging it even shows internal resistance...Continue Reading
Posted by nigelsheffield | Jul 01, 2019 @ 09:12 AM | 4,083 Views
This is a genuine 1080p 60 FPS recording camera which actually records 2.5k at 30 FPS IF you want to but I wanted the 60fps firmly quads and planes.
It also provides live video out at the same time as it records so could be used as fpv camera with a seperate vtx.
I'm going to do that later and add head tracking to my gliders for both recording hd and live fpv from one camera.
Usb for file transfer too so no need to mess about with SD cards all the time.
Again this will be a written review but video review done too and some flight footage from my glider.
If you find this or any of my articles useful please consider using my Affiliate link no extra cost to you and helps me fund the next review ( no need to buy this camera , anything you buy after clicking on that visit will earn me a small % commission )
Hawkeye firefly 2

hawkey firefly 2 camera on glider VOLUME ALERT midday flight (12 min 40 sec)
hawkeye firefly 2 first flight glider VOLUME ALERT. 1080p 60fps (9 min 55 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 25, 2019 @ 04:47 AM | 6,005 Views
This will be a written review but I also make video reviews and I included that here if you would like to watch rather than read plus I probably ramble about how it compares to other stuff too so might be interesting.
Also I make the flight videos seperate to the review video so that it's easier for you to find the parts you want to see.
I add pictures at the end of the review.
I'll be adding to this discussion if I later find anything of note like better props or if something breaks...
Please ask any questions and I'll try my best to answer them.

The uruav 85 basic version reviewed here by there is also a hd version with caddx turtle V2 1080 60fps recording for more money and more weight and the picture on the live feed is worse on that so if like me you just enjoy flying rather than filming get the basic version as it will give you a better experience.
Bought from banggood here ( affiliate link at no extra cost to you but helps me fund future reviews so please use this link even if you buy sometimes by else I still get a little bit of a % of anything you buy on that visit )
First up a couple of flight videos on supplied 3s 300mah and 2s 300 turnigy nano techs so you can see if it's fast enough for you.
Quite fast and good flight times of 4 minutes maybe more on 300mah.

Uruav85 3s lipo none hd version park flying freestyle (4 min 17 sec)
Uruav85 on 2s 300mah lipo at the park freestyle cruising. (4 min 11 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 20, 2019 @ 06:53 AM | 2,363 Views
First and most importantly , lift up your stack!
Seriously the FC sits too low and is going to break a component off by hitting the frame from either vibrations or in a crash rendering the FC dead ...
The fix is simply to turn the rubber grommets upside down so that the longer part of the grommet is between the frame and FC.

Next if you intend using the 3s lipo I strongly suggest limiting your throttle to 70%,
More than that and people have reported that FC burns out, to be honest there is so much vibration from the props at high throttle on 3s that it is unusable anyway.

I did both of the above before flying and not had a problem, I prefer 2s anyway because I have lots of those 300mah turnigy nano techs 45c already and a 4 port charger for them. On 2s 300mah it is manifested fast enough as you can see from the video bellow.

Happymodel sailfly X on 2s 300mah freestyle park (5 min 19 sec)

I'll write the review here but also I've done a video bench review here.
Sailfly X important tips before flying and review. (10 min 10 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Jun 13, 2019 @ 06:59 AM | 1,183 Views
If anyone wants fpv watch or goggles in the UK I have some from xt-xinte stored in my garage ready for quick delivery.
Xt-xinte said they will sell them for $25 each posted in UK, I only have 10 goggles and 7 ( now 5 ) watches here so it's just a favour I'm doing for them clearing some stock.

Links to buy from xt-xinte UK stock.

I will delete this once sold.

Shipping will be normal post office second class and is included in the $25 (( 20 )
Posted by nigelsheffield | May 14, 2019 @ 12:54 AM | 1,754 Views
Back from holiday and go some lovely weather for flying yesterday so went up to the park to give this R349 a go, a bit tentative flying because I'm not so used to this yet but once I do ....
Quick review, this is fast and fun and cheap, needed props changing from the 3028 to 3042 or 3052 and a bit of a tune up to fly how I like it, great on 3s or 4s, has good camera and is well under the 250g weight with batteries , flight time of 3 to 5 minutes depending on which battery I used.
More detailed review and pids to follow.
Buy it here ( affiliate link at no extra cost to you and helps me fund future reviews )
3042 props used here.
3052 props for a little more power if you feel it's needed
4s 650mah tuenigy graphene panther battery used here
Diatone R349 bench it any good?... Yes! (14 min 31 sec)

3052 props seem best I decided.
R349 3052 props on 4s 650mah turnigy graphene panther. At the park (5 min 16 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 29, 2019 @ 03:50 AM | 1,692 Views
Yet another silverxxx build

Cheap build that's fast economical ( 6 minute flight on 2s 300mah ) and tough being a whoop will shrug off crashes hopefully.
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I used betafpv lite FC and a cheap 4in1 ESC ( suoer S I think ) akk bs2 camera, 1103 8000kv motors and of course the beta85x frame and props.
Total cost about 50 to buy it all but I had everything apart from the frame already so cost me 8 for 2 frames and $5 for 6 pairs of props.

Result is really good.
Silverised brushless beta85x frame fpv flight at the park. (5 min 43 sec)

Silverised FC on beta85x frame fpv flight FIRST tune and full flight 2s whoop. (5 min 39 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Apr 20, 2019 @ 02:08 AM | 3,775 Views
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Description: next to my mobula7 it looks very small!
This is the tiny whoop I've been waiting for , a real 65mm with real punch on 1s and 2s with a fantastic camera and cheap..
65mm brushless whoop 19000kv 0802 motors, caddx eos2 camera, crazybee f4 V2, 2s 250mah. Xt-xinte kit (1 min 51 sec)

65mm 19000kv 0802 motors, caddx eos2 camera, crazybee f4 V2, 1s 300mah. Acro indoors. Xt-xinte kit (3 min 20 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 27, 2019 @ 03:22 PM | 7,524 Views
This is a whoop with difference , it's got full HD 1080p on board recording in the same camera as fpv feed.
It takes 2s or 3s ( 4s is not recommended due to possible ESC damage but is possible with care , betafpv will not cover you under warranty if you try this. )
It weighs around 70g without battery so no light weight but this is a cinewhoop and not for racing , it is for making cool video doing very close proximity and flying through areas a normal hd drone simply cannot.
Having said that it does acro quite well, loops and rolls and split s etc are all possible.
Bench review for those who'd rather watch than read.
Betwfpv Beta85x hd review / thoughts 1080p recording whoop - cinewhoop (13 min 3 sec)

The video quality is beautiful, the quad itself is very robust and can crash like any whoop without damage so no worry about hitting things as it will simply bounce off with the ducts acting like bumpers.

Here are a few videos to show the picture and capabilities, more video will defo follow as I get better batteries and set the thing up some more.
Bellow the videos I will also do more review as I get more experience of it, I've already flown about 40 packs through with no ESC troubles ( one video shows a simple mod to avoid battery possibly shorting out ).
Some early units suffered ESC failure too and betafpv will replace these damaged ones free of charge offering a lifetime warranty on the ESC and FC .
Beta85x hd freestyle on 3s 450mah around the garden overcast
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 25, 2019 @ 12:56 PM | 7,712 Views
Ive been using the frsky x9d happily since it was first released but decided I wanted to try the x-lite for easier transportation, also the x9d always felt a bit big and awkward in my hands and the reaching the corners difficult at times ..

It took me awhile to get used to the x-lite after flying RC for over 30 years with normal big txs.
But now I've got used to it I love it and don't want to use the x9d anymore lol.( Those of you who know me from old will know just how much this means )

I'll be going through some of the features here and some thoughts as to what might be improved but for now I'll give a link to my affiliate tracking link which will cost you no extra and please use it to help convince banggood to use me for future reviews .

Frsky x-lite banggood.

The open source firmware is always being updated with new features so will never go out of date.
It has hall sensor gimbals which will not wear out like normal gimbals and are nice and precise .
It's small and light and comes in a nice little case which can easily be thrown into a rucksack or small bag etc.
Batteries are removable so a spare set can be carried just in case.

Not so good is the batteries are not supplied and are 2* 18500 size so need to buy those seperately.( AliExpress is cheap I got 4* 1300mah cells for 6 )

To be continued ..
Posted by nigelsheffield | Feb 21, 2019 @ 06:32 AM | 10,482 Views
Work in progress.
This by far the best 2s whoop there is out there, it's power and speed and handling are amazing and the price is ridiculously cheap.
Mobula7 V2 2s whoop crazy and smooth acro garden (back yard) flight calm conditions. (3 min 7 sec)

Mobula7 V2 2s whoop windy garden flight but it handles it fine. (3 min 14 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 18, 2018 @ 12:31 PM | 27,114 Views
Got this for my 2s whoops mainly and very pleased with it so wanted to share it with others.
As far as I know it is the only 4 port 2s charger in this handy small size , has mains built in and can also run off a battery and has most of the facilities used by the bigger chargers for a fraction of the price.

18 December 2018 (11 min 29 sec)

Got mine here.

Please consider clicking through this ( battery ) banggood affiliate link link and anything you buy after that visit will earn me a small commission at no extra cost to you thanks. It really helps me fund my reviews and I just buy more item which would possibly be of interest.

Good points
Chagres 2s and 1s lipos 4 at a time independently
Shows mah, per cell voltage, current for each lipo in 4 separate displays.
Runs off mains power or battery.
Can set current charge rate
Does normal and HV lipos
Charges NiMH battery too.

Bad points
Slightly bigger than a 6 port 1s charger but not much
Whoop batteries with ph2.0 with no wires cannot fit all 4 in at once unless a extention is made
Cannot set individual current charge rate independently
No storage voltage setting.

Definitely a great option both at home and for outside for charging smaller lipos and the only real option for 2s whoop really, much smaller and quieter than an equivalent full size charger.
Voltage was exactly 4.2 per cell on every battery I...Continue Reading
Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 18, 2018 @ 06:22 AM | 23,971 Views
Note only the ESC can handle 3s lipo, people have flown the beta75x on 3s but I don't recommend it.

to review and share some settings which seem to cure washout issues for me.

Just got the new version to the 75x with upgraded ESC and FC because I'm defo not getting any yaw washout.
No tuning done my my part apart from rates.
ESC is rated to 3s and 10a now which could be very interesting.
This now a mcuh closer contest between the mobula7 and this, the 200mw vtx and f4 processor ,1103 smoother motors are a big plus, camera still struggles in dark areas though....

New version Beta75x yaw flips inverted yaw spin loops/rolls NO YAW WASHOUT! (3 min 13 sec)

New upgraded version beta75x garden ( back yard )acro flight NO YAW WASHOUT. (3 min 34 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Dec 05, 2018 @ 03:51 AM | 24,587 Views
I got the emax tinyhawk from xt-xinte ( great service and cheaper than banggood and they have the mobula7 in stock btw!! )
Tinyhawk $98
$10 off coupon for the tinyhawk
$5 credit to your account if you send them a message telling them nigelsheffield123 sent you , or use this coupon

I will be comparing it to the other brushless whoops I have Inc mobula7, beta65x, beta75 pro, boldclash b06 pro and some of my DIY silverware brushless build too.
Specs on this are listed on the site and I won't go into great detail here but rather give my impression of it and information that you won't find by just looking at the sales specs.
So I don't waste too much of your time I will say that mobula7 is faster and more powerful and runs on 1s lipo or 2s so indoors and outdoors is the better option with huge punch outs and big loops etc possible, if that is what you want to look at my review on that.
However this frame is probably stronger and looks nicer with a carry case and is more stable so better for a new flyer or someone who just crashes a lot racing indoors and I definitely enjoyed flying it both in my house and garden, it handles a little better generally than the mobula7 too.

Good/bad points.

Flight times are about 3 to 3:30 minutes on 450mah ( mobula7 does 5 on same battery )
Camera field of view is slightly...Continue Reading
Posted by nigelsheffield | Nov 27, 2018 @ 08:39 AM | 25,315 Views
Happymodel mobula7 75mm crazybee 2s whoop

Cheaper from xinte and mention my name nigelsheffield123 or use this coupon for $5 credit

2s whoops are great as I get found out with previous builds but always built my own requiring time and skill and effort.
Now this makes it easy and cheaper than building my own!

If anyone wants to help me out without it costing you a penny please use my referral code TY1117244425201308OD for anything you buy on banggood and it will help me fund future reviews thanks.
Mobula7 from happymodel bench review. (9 min 43 sec)

Indoor flight on 1s lipo very fast still
Mobula7 1s acro indoors using 250mah for over 3 minutes flying. (3 min 2 sec)
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Posted by nigelsheffield | Oct 15, 2018 @ 04:54 AM | 26,283 Views
Build log for 2s silverware brushless whoop, is a very cheap build and it rocks!

2s brushless silverwhoop first flight loose tune but lots of power!! (3 min 19 sec)

I've already made some brushless silverware quads and some whoops but up till now never a silverware brushless whoop and having recently discovered 2s brushless whoops and the recent betafpv beta65x I decided it's time to build a silverware version a little bigger on the beta75x frame.

Parts used
Betafpv lite FC ( flashed with yets brushless silverware version )
Frame and props betafpv beta75x.
1103 10000kv racerstar motors. ( tracking affiliate link as motors were provided for review , no extra cost to you but they will let me have more stuff for review if people use this link )
ESC bs06d super s ( mention nigelsheffield123 for $5 credit )
Any 5v bec / ubec regulator ( got mine from AliExpress for about $1 )
Camera I will be using akk bs2 depending if I can find a spare one but anything will do as long as it's small and light is best.

To program the FC you will need an st-linker V2 and a free program ( I will provide a bin file once it's all setup nicely or those who don't want to go through setting up in Kiel )

Soldered wires to ESC and hot glue in place to stop them breaking easily,
Connected ESC to a betafpv FC and programmed...Continue Reading