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Posted by warcraft | Feb 13, 2009 @ 06:10 PM | 4,038 Views
Nitroplanes is not a company that you want to do business with: I bought some servos from them and they all check out in working order But I did have to center the servos, I bought the SEA FURY from them and I found the right wing was badely damage around the servo pocket aera and the wood was to thin and very brittle and would crush when touched: The fuselage had rings around the outside where all the builk heads where 6 in all, the fiberglass was to thin as well. there was damage from the mfg they did repair it but it was a bad repair and then painted over it, So I retured it at a cost of $36.00 and reorded another plane: a 50cc Yak and some other parts servos, ESC, 480 brushlees motor. 2 of the 9g servos had striped out gears and look USED return shipping was $6.75. The Brushless motor had a bad wineding in it and somked out during programing and nitroplanes would not give me an RMA number to return it and thats 39.00 down the drain. Nitroplane sent me the ESC for a ESKY heliacopter witch was not orderd I ordered one for an airplane and I had to send it back at a cost of $6.90. Now to the 50cc Yak that I bought, The first thing I noticed was the Yak was not the plane that I was lead to belive that I was buying, the bottom of the fuselage has an opening for a muffler ( photos attached ) and the dorsel fin aera was built deferant, then I found that the wing was badley danage and the cowl was damage and the canopy was to big for the airframe, I contacted Nitroplanes about...Continue Reading