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Posted by GatorsFly | Jul 30, 2018 @ 06:28 AM | 5,403 Views
Chapter 2

Confessions of a want-a-be Pilot..continued...

Well.. as you might imagine after that pond experience.. I became shy of water me the next logical step was to buy a disposible bird. .So the JJRC H31 popped up.. Said to be water proof.. what could go wrong...

JJRC H31 Waterproof Sport Drone Flight Test Review (10 min 1 sec)

After a half hour trying to insert those tiny screws to assemble that litte guy..another fifteen minutes to label the controller (a practice I should rethink )charging bird and installing controller batteries ...I was ready.

Headed to the community open area to train in the Art of Dronery...After a couple of tree trims and a bounce off a neighbors car.. I got an idea. Turns out not one of my better ideas.

It just made sense to fly above the trees and thereby avoid all the lower level pitfalls.. So up we went and after a few seconds of the illusion that I now had control.

It made a dash for the wild blue and over the 60ft trees and headed away fast... You might be thinking ...why didn't this goofball pull the throttle back or yaw or even hit the kill button.

Oh No no no.. instead panic ensued and I just started twisting the sticks and all the while watching the back of that bird disappear 4-EVER... I immediatlely contacted the community email message broadcaster and asked for a post to alert anyone and everyone to check there yards and so forth for the JJRC.

The alert accomplished two things.. it...Continue Reading
Posted by GatorsFly | Jul 21, 2018 @ 07:12 AM | 5,428 Views
Welcome to my Confessions of a rookie want-a-be pilot..

You Tube got me interested in this drone world . My first was a KX-X300. Choose it because it had a 5.8ghz FPV.. included monitor and Altitude hold feature.. 20 minute flight time.. Auto take off and landing... Etc. Etc.... and good reviews.


Before that KX arrived from China.. I waz in a small Walmart and ran across a "TO GOOD" to be true deal. I searched everywhere on line and no one had one within $125 of that price..

So bought a 2nd bird before I even had the 1st one in hand. The cheap price soon changed as I acquired travel case and on and on.

The Phantom waz a" "" perfect "" "first drone. They fly themselves.. Now.. the bad part about that is... when you pick up a regular bird.. It takes only seconds to realize that you have NO IDEA how to fly.

I actually spent more time labeling the controller buttons then total flight time with that Xk X300..

After crashing into a neighbor's carport and his covered porch in less then 2 minutes.. The hand writting waz on the wall.

A tree and another neighbor's storage building soon became my next victims... Keep in mind.. i was trying to fly in an open common area in our retirement community.. Not just in the front yard..

I put it back in the box and flew the Phantom again.. Reinstalling my confidence..

I moved to an open area near the pond to shoot some photos with the P3S. Then I made the mistake of talking to my buddy while launching the KX again.

It soared sideways across the pond.. Hit the limbs of a big Oak tree and slithered down into the pond.
I waded in that pond for 3 consecutive days with a leaf rake and a metal detector and never found it.

So price per minute to learn how to fly was a somewhere around $37.50 a minute.. Tuition at this school is pricey.

Too be continued....

Thanks for stopping by...

Be Well All