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Posted by Tokyo_Dom | Mar 30, 2020 @ 01:21 AM | 9,375 Views
So, after my lanyard hook mounted phone holder fail (, i decided to double-down on my transmitter phone FPV experience and ordered a neck mounted phone holder. Well that arrived, and while it works a lot better than the lanyard hook mount, about 1hr after it was delivered, my Little Pilot VR Goggles were delivered. 14 days from ordering, 11 days since shipment (AliExpress free shipping, pretty impressed!)

I realise i look like an idiot wearing it. Even my wife said so. And despite the fact i know these will have next to no resale value (everyone has either Fatsharks, or Eachine EV800D/EV100 in Japan), I think these really are the best goggles for a beginner FPV pilot, especially for flying inside your house. I can walk to pick up my crashed drone without having to take them off. I can see when one of my babies is about to jump on me. I can even fly my drone LOS for a bit before switching to concentrate on the screen. I have no eye problems but i hear its great for those with glasses.

And wow what a difference to the OTG receiver. Something so 'simple' about this. It just works, the reception is clear, the screen is super easy on the eyes. I feel i can fly much better on this, and maintain height better, despite there being only 0.1s delay on the OTG receiver by my measurements.

Oh and it has a switchable centerline on the goggle OSD! Which is great because neither my Silverware quad or Beta65s Lite have it.
Posted by Tokyo_Dom | Mar 23, 2020 @ 02:40 AM | 16,061 Views
I didnt actually realise the blog posts came out in a single thread like that. I should have made one post for each topic! (thanks Sakitume for pointing it out!)

So, this thread will detail my learning to fly FPV, and acro mode. I had previous experience with RC planes, so LOS is not so much of a problem, no matter which direction the quad is facing (an instructor back in my RC plane days once said "when the plane is facing towards you, and one wing dips, point the aileron stick in the direction of the dipped wing", not sure if this helps anyone, but its how i learnt to control planes coming towards me).

Anyway, my Little Pilot goggles havent arrived yet. I am still using the ROTG01 single antenna receiver, on an OTG cable on my phone. I did a rough latency check (point it at a stopwatch, and take a high shutter speed pic of the stopwatch and phone screen to see the difference in times shown) and it came in at 0.1s latency; that is apparently bad with reference to proper goggles/monitors, but seems ok for general flying - i am not good enough to fly super quick, and plus my reaction speed is slower than that.
Initially i figured this phone + OTG receiver + $5 phone VR goggles would be a good cheap FPV goggle replacement, but there is a reason those VR goggles are only $5. Major blurring and the view is not properly aligned for left/right eyes. I soon found that i had a better experience just putting my phone in a holder and watching it from that. Except i didnt have a holder, so i would just prop the phone up against a coffee cup or whatever. Great until you need to go pick up your quad from whatever predicament it has gotten into. Also meant i had to have a place to sit my phone when flying.

Despite my little pilot goggles being possibly only a few days away, i decided to buy a transmitter mounted phone holder just now....
Posted by Tokyo_Dom | Mar 15, 2020 @ 07:08 PM | 15,775 Views
Thought i would create a bit of a record of my journey into this hobby. Dont really have any friends to share this with (they all look at me funny when i say i'm into flying quads)

About me: 41yrs old. with two little kids (1 and 2yrs old). Australian, living in Japan in a typical little apartment. Back when i was 12 or so (early 90s, in Australia) i got into model planes, control line, free flyer and of course RC. Back then i desperately wanted to build a tiny little RC plane, 12" wingspan or less like the free flyers i had been building. But technology wasnt there (lightest servos were 20g, and expensive!). And after a year or two of flying and building all sorts of planes, puberty hit and I took more interest in female models than balsa models.

Fast forward to Christmas 2019, i saw a palm sized quad on sale for $15 while on a holiday in Aust and bought it for giggles (Eachine E010S clone). I had missed the quad 'boom' when DJI started consumerizing the hobby. Friends had them but they were never much fun being all automated. But i had a ball with this little thing. No camera just LOS (prev RC plane experience so that was fine). Racing around the house, letting my kids chase it and landing it in their hands etc. This is the kind of thing i can enjoy with them!

Anyway enough about me... onto my tiny whoops