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Posted by iancresswell | Oct 10, 2015 @ 07:19 PM | 11,309 Views
The X5 is certainly an improvement over the X3. But in what ways, and whom will benefit from it?

1. If you are looking specifically for a "sharper" image from the 4k video, you won't necessarily find it in the X5. For multiple reasons. One reason is that the X5 has a larger image sensor and therefore will naturally have shallower depth of field. Generally speaking, the smaller the image sensor and wider the lens, the deeper the inherent depth of field and thus the more area in focus. So, since the X3 has a tiny sensor and very wide lens, pretty much everything is in focus all the time. But the X5's M43 sensor is much larger (8x larger), and the focal lengths of the supported lenses are longer (24+mm on the X5 vs 20mm on the X3), so it will inherently have shallower depth of field with less in focus at any given time. Even at high apertures like f5.6 or f7, the size of the X5 sensor (m43) means that it will be difficult to ever have everything in focus the way that the X3 does. We can't simply keep increasing the aperture value higher and higher to get more and more in focus, because of diffraction. Diffraction sounds like a fancy term, but it's basically referring to a property of light passing through the aperture. As the aperture gets smaller and smaller (a higher and higher f-stop number), the light is passing through a smaller and smaller opening. As that hole gets smaller, the light has to "bend" more to get to the image sensor. This causes it to...Continue Reading