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Posted by Number2 | Jan 20, 2021 @ 09:20 PM | 10,236 Views
Just wanted to share this fun Traxx I've been toying with! We had that huge snowstorm in the northeast and I couldn't help myself! Traxxas shipped it same day which was amazing, had it in a few days!

Stock gear was good except the stock servo, lasted 3 times. Threw a cheap amazon servo and it's much better. I always like upgrading to brushless as I like the quality if those motors! This hobbywing with 550 3300 kv was perfect for the crawler, it doesn't hit too high of rpm's for the tracks. The Bluetooth feature seemed really cool, and I do like how you can adjust those features. It's mostly useful for adjustments as I am not standing near this crawler like one normally would.

at first I had a cheap camera / vtx that went right into the rx. But it fell off the top of the Truck and the tracks ripped the cord!

Grabbed the Runcam 2, and a 600 mw vtx to link up so I could get solid range around the yard. Even have a little porch with windows on all sides I can sit in and drive from with my Fatsharks.

It's a really fun truck to run in fpv, now I just need another 2 foot dump of snow and I'd be styling.

Anyway here are some photos, need to get a youtube going so I can upload videos