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Posted by ChinoDiablo | Jun 14, 2016 @ 05:15 PM | 20,993 Views
This has nothing to do with RC....

I've been cooking professionally for 30 years, working for some great people but now the time has come to open up my own place and be my own boss.
During most of those 30 years, I have been the Executive Chef at Tuscarora Mill Restaurant, arguably the best restaurant in Loudoun County, VA. I have established and defined myself here and it has afforded me some great experiences that are worth far more than the wages that it has paid me. During this time Tuskies has expanded to other ventures to which I'm privy to be a partner in one of them... which is also the most financially successful of all of them: Fireworks Pizza.
Wood fired pizza with the right dough and the right toppings is a magical thing. We use high grade flour from Italy and high grade mozzarella. We buy the best pepperoni, we source our sausage locally. So much of what we do with is right.
And the customers know it.
This place has made a TON of money.
For several years, I've been telling my wife that I'm going to open my own place one of these days.... and it's time to poop or get off the pot.
So these last couple of weeks, I have sought the perfect location and I'm presently going through the burdensome steps of loan application, LOI/ lease negotiations, and finding an architect that shares my vision.
I'm 52 right now and I'm not getting any younger.
I have 3 young children that I have to think about, a wife and a house/mortgage.
So much at risk.
But I know the product and I know the business.
The business model works.
It's the backside of business, the inner workings, the negotiations, the Banks, the lawyers that I now have to get used to.

Whew.... nice to get all that off my back.

Wish me luck.

Patrick, aka ChinoDiablo
Posted by ChinoDiablo | May 25, 2015 @ 06:21 PM | 21,523 Views

It's been a long time since I've written anything in this blog.
This last year I feel I've made some great strides in my flying ability as well as my hanger.
I've pretty much stopped buying trashy cheapo foam planes and I've started refining the planes that I have.

Here's the hanger today:
  1. HK Super Kinetic
  2. HK EFX Racer
  3. GP Kunai
  4. GP Cosmic Wind
  5. FMS P-40 Warhawk, High Speed
  6. E-Flite J3 Cub 460
  7. E-Flite L4 Grasshopper
  8. E-Flite Viking Model 12 280
  9. Maxford Jenny 38"
  10. Precision Aerobatics Katana Mini
  11. Precision Aerobatics Ultimate AMR
  12. Extreme Flight Laser EXP 48"
  13. Extreme Flight Edge EXP 48"
  14. 3DHS Edge 540t 48"
  15. 3DHS Edge 540t 41" Buck Huck
  16. Mountain Models Fire Storm
  17. AeroWorks Sting Ray 38"
  18. Ares P-51 backyard flyer
  19. Twisted Hobbies Crack Turbo Beaver

Of those, I fly 4 or 5 regularly: in no particular order:

PA Katana Mini. Setup:
Motrolfly 2810 1200 kv motor
MKS DS450 Rudder servo
E-Max ES08 mg Digital servos everywhere else
ZTW 45 amp ESC with 5amp SBEC
2200mah battery
11x6 Xoar Prop
Lemon 7 Channel Rx with stabilizer.

PA Ultimate AMR
IPA setup but I fly her with 4s batteries (2500-2700mah) and a Master Airscrew 12x6 prop.
Thrust 40 motor
45 amp Quantum ESC
NXT 80DSM servos.
Lemon 7 Channel Rx with stabilizer.
She's a complete BEAST!

Extreme Flight 48" Edge EXP
Motrolfly 2815 1100kv motor
Quantum 75 amp ESC
Xoar 13x6 prop
Savox SH 0256 Servos on Elevator and ailerons
Hitec 5085 on rudder
Lemon 7 Channel Rx
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Posted by ChinoDiablo | Mar 18, 2014 @ 08:18 AM | 24,556 Views
The other day I receive an email from Jason Cole telling me that RCG was upgrading my account to "Plus" status.

Lucky me! I get to have my call name and avatar with a yellow heading.
Now I feell like somebody, not just a contender...
Posted by ChinoDiablo | May 06, 2013 @ 11:58 PM | 28,869 Views
I'm going to be updating at the top of the page instead of the bottom of the page from now on.

As of February 24, 2014
Built, completed and in flying condition:
  1. HK Mini Swift,
  2. HK Mini Bonsai
  3. HK Tek Sumo
  4. HK Super Kinetic 815
  5. HK Retro Pioneer
  6. HK AXN Clouds Fly
  7. Tower Hobbies P-51D
  8. Wings Maker Ultimate EP
  9. Twisted Hobbies Crack Turbo Beaver
  10. E-Flite UMX Beast 3D
  11. E-Flite UMX Mig 15
  12. Flyzone UM Nieuport 17 Micro
  1. Great Planes Super Chipmunk EP / E-Flite Mini Ultra Stick Hybrid
  2. Great Planes Cosmic Wind
  3. Great Planes Sopwith Camel
  4. E-Flite L4 Grasshopper, hopped up
  5. E-Flite Twist 3D 480
  6. AeroWorks Sting Ray pattern ship
  7. Performance Aerobatics Ultimate AMR
  8. Performance Aerobatics Addiction

Hanging out and not flown much at all:
  1. Blade Nano QX
  2. Ares Gamma 370
  3. FMS T-28 800
  4. Mini Popwing
  5. FT Flyer
  6. FT Delta
  7. Blade MSR
  8. AXE 100 CP
  9. AXE 100 FP

************************************************** ************

As of June 22, 2013:
  1. Hobby King Mini Swift, A+, fast in 2s, crazy fast on 3s
  2. Hobby King Mini Bonsai, A++, great wing
  3. Hobby King Tek Sumo, B+ (need speedier setup)
  4. ParkZone SE5a, A+/C-, was great before I crashed it.
  5. Multiplex Merlin, A+, Great Flyer, fast & sure. Needs firewall work.
  6. Ares Gamma 370, A++, added flaps and lights. Love it.
  7. UMX Beast 3D, A++, fun fun fun.
  8. GP Sopwith Camel EP, B+, Slow Flyer, looks great, love the tail wheel mod.
  9. E-Flite L4 Grasshopper, soon to be acquired from Pontius Pilate. edit: LOVE THIS PLANE, especially on 3s
  10. E-Flite Mini Ultra Stick,
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