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Posted by xStatiCa | Sep 26, 2017 @ 10:11 PM | 7,376 Views
This will be a blog with useful thermal hunting hints that I found throughout the forum so that I can easily read them again after I forget... what was I doing again? Oh yea.

Info on thermals down very low.

Originally Posted by Don Stackhouse
Thermals near the ground tend to be small in diameter, and fairly weak, with very tight cores, although this one was a bit extreme in those regards. In particular, it requires some extremely tight turns, which requires a lightly-loaded plane and some special piloting techniques.

When the diameter of the turn is small, the airflow past the plane is very significantly curved, If the airflow is perfectly aligned with the fuselage at the wing, back at the tail the "relative wind" could be blowing upward (because of the bank angle) and inward towards the center of the turn by as much as 10-15 degrees! This tries to put the nose down, and yaw the plane towards the outside of the turn. If it's a 2-channel rudder-elevator model you need some yaw in that direction anyway, to get enough extra angle of attack at the inside wing tip to compensate for the lower airspeed there, and hold bank angle more or less constant. If the designer was really clever with juggling things like dihedral schedules, tail moment arm, tail design and wing airfoils,
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Posted by xStatiCa | Jun 23, 2016 @ 10:57 AM | 9,339 Views
This is just a post to organize links I find to help with learning f3k strategies, hints, tips, etc.

Flyboypaul: "A few common things I watch people struggle with in the wind"

like.2.fly: A few tips on how to handle coming back with floaty (low aspect ratio wings)
Posted by xStatiCa | Sep 04, 2015 @ 09:39 AM | 11,718 Views
This is just mainly a blog so that I can keep track of rudderless DLG flying discussions and some posts that I think are worth considering before going rudderless. If any of the opinions on any potential downsides are important enough for you to not go rudderless is up to you. People have won contests with and without them recently and in the past.

There are a lot of listed reasons that people go rudderless or don't. I personally like the mechanical simplicity of rudderless on DLGs and feel very comfortable flying them that way even in adverse weather. My experience is still relatively new to DLG though so definitely don't go just by my good feelings about it. The only ruddered airplanes I have are a Mini-DLG and a 3 meter Pike Superior motorless sailplane. From 1992 to 2013 I only flew RC Helicopters that requires rudder of course so I am not afraid of using rudder. I would never go rudderless on an RC heli I only fly DLGs now.


Some interesting comments are in those threads.
Originally Posted by like.2.fly
It's hard to argue the comments from Jaap about this year's world champion (Vincent) flying rudderless.
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Posted by xStatiCa | Jun 20, 2014 @ 01:07 PM | 11,303 Views
It flies! I almost forgot how much better a 1.5m flies than a 1m. I haven't flown a 1.5m in over 2 months before today.

I took it out for some trim flights before work this morning and it flew great(to my weak thermal skills anyway . It went from 281 grams to 291 grams with the repair (wing repair, horizontal mount reinforcement with some fiberglass to make sure it never falls off again, and some tape and small piece of fiberglass on the stab for a crease).

I could lose some weight (4 or 6 grams maybe) if I shorten the servo wires and put a flat 550mah battery in instead of the 1200mah round 1s turnigy LiPo. I would be able to put more of the weight right up in the tip of the nose with the flat cell being lighter.

I did a discharge curve and found out the 1200mah is not 1200mah and the Hyperion flat 550mah cell drops less voltage under load than the turnigy 1s. The 1200 does last a little longer with the loads from my DLG (maybe 180mah average). If you were to pull an average 1 amp though the Turnigy 550mah lasts longer than the 1200mah turnigy 1s. We don't pull that much current though.