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Posted by blkft1 | Aug 29, 2014 @ 06:52 PM | 8,728 Views
Picked up a T-Bull a few weeks back (Impulse buy!, Impulse buy!!) and had it on the backburner, decided to build it and finishing out my XR311 while waiting on parts for the Globeliner. Just running aTEU101, Futaba 3010 servo, full bearings (AVIDRC) and the stock Mubachi which is quite capable in getting those front wheels up in the air. Only used a few stickers as I wanted a low sponsor puller tractor look, painted the driver in a Herbie-ish suit (Love Bug or Love tractor?) , in hinsight I should'a went with the whole Herbie paint scheme regarding the body too, oh well, I'll order another body soon enuff. I might put something like " Farm Haulin'!!" on the nose of this one. Overall fun and easy build and a blast to run, just hope the racing dude can survive a tumble. This makes a good companion for my L Box and M Pumpkin.

Kind'a looks like something Bernie & Krass (CarToon's,,,anyone,,?) would make, 'cept they'd have some blown Hemi with a wing or somethin'. Also,,, a word of caution about those spikey rear tires.

1. Always use a stand of some sort while binding trans to receiver.
2. Never set a spikey tire rc tractor in your lap while setting esc/trans endpoints.
3. Wear pants not shorts if you do the above.
4. Try to use "DogonediggityDang!!" rather than other expletives (like: Sunova !!) when such said vehicle with spikey rear tires burns a mark in skin above your knee.

YOW that Stung and kind'a Stank (like BBQ'd flesh) a little.
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Posted by blkft1 | Mar 26, 2014 @ 02:48 PM | 7,502 Views
Had this for awhile (since a little after New Year's) and need to finish, just lacking paint, assembly of body and detail work. Finally had a night to myself, wife off workin', kid's off at Inlaw's gettin' spoiled so I spent a few hours turning a screw driver (and a new Tamiya wrench!) building it while watching "Das Boot (Directors cut)". Then I went out to "The Old Monk" in Dallas for a coupla' Moscow Mules and some cheez fries to reward myself for doing such a good job . Haven't decided on a paint scheme yet, wish I could do a digi-camo look but don't have the skills and it may not look period for the vehicle so I'll probably go with a regular camo-jobby. I've been so busy lately plus the weather hasn't been cooperating on the days I've had off to mess with it enough to finish. Running a cheapy RC4WD 55T that delivers good scale speed and plenty of torque, may try a 65T in the future. Drove it low and slow around front yard, under the bushes (mini forest) and a unused flower bed (damn Fire Ant's YOW!!!) with just the body attached, I like the scale looks of it and cant wait to get it fully detailed. Now if I can get people to buy my ads I can possibly get a Globe Liner next, or a RWS 48 (companion for my 34P), or a 10/22 Target Tactical,,,,yadda, yadda, yadda,,,yadda,,,,

8/29/14: I've had this sitting in a corner while I worked on my Globeliner, decided to get back to it and try and finish it up. All that remains is the rear deck, rails, and...Continue Reading
Posted by blkft1 | Aug 26, 2012 @ 11:24 AM | 8,228 Views
Started this a couple of weeks back. Phil [Vac-U-Boat] gives you a very comprehensive kit that is well designed and a WHOLE LOTTA FUN to build! a friend who just started in the hobby wants one too, he actually wants my boat,,, but uh,,,it's not FOR SALE!. I call this "Green Boat", if the fish ain't bitin' I go a boatin'!

Current aquatic builds include; A MidWest Patriot Fireboat also presently being built, it's a runner but going to redo the upper structure in styrene, Graupner Pollux- gathering parts for it. Microglass schnellboot- gathering parts, Robbe Alculpulco- parts gathered needs a buildin', Robbe Paula IV- just need electrics and to be built.

Future aquatic builds I would like to do; Microglass- Northsea Trawler, and a construction Workboat.

Yeah,,,even though its still in the 90's here colder weather is around the corner,,of course depending on Texas weather , those of us whom live here knows how that goes!?! Many of these projects will be done and ready by the time,,,,,uhhhhh geeze I have a buncho' stuff going on here!!??!!...Continue Reading
Posted by blkft1 | May 28, 2010 @ 07:46 PM | 9,436 Views
Here are my Lunchbox [Re-release I bought] and what I believe to be a original Midnite Pumpkin [got in a trade] by Tamiya.I still have the plastic body for the L-box,may go with a EMS scheme like "Mother Jugs & Speed" or "Cannonball Run".Its wearin' a Parma body that can keeps takin' a beatin'.
Parma L-box body
Novak Explorer esc
Trinity Monster horsepower [provides the scoot!]
Full bearings

M-Pumpkin,I have a Parma lexan shell to replace the original that needs to be painted.
Tamiya esc
Oldie Kyosho LeMans motor
Full bearing
Some beater Traxxas rims W/ some VERY Hi mileage Mashers

My ?? yr old [??] Old MRP Pantera,made a rear wing sort'a like the older MRP Americana.Still runs occassionally at the local pond,not fast but fun.

Well,,,decided to keep the TA 02W for myself [for now but who knows?] and do a teardown/rebuild,it kind'a belonged to my eldest who'se wanting a TT01 Enzo.The Ta 02W did'nt need much but a little scrubbin' and some xtra grease in the gear box's and maybe a newer body.

Heres my RJ Speed Sprinter:Take off electronics from my HPI Blitz [sold].Loves to chunk the right rear tire bu then te pavement I've been running on feel like HD sandpaper,,,kind'a worry's me watchin' the kids ride their bikes on the stuff....Continue Reading
Posted by blkft1 | Mar 23, 2010 @ 08:37 PM | 10,533 Views
Airgun project
Update [5/13/10] 2260 based pistol project
So far RJMachine Breech full dovetail [.22cal], Bluefork frame w/Hogue grip,B&A 12g Bossvalve,RBgrips long 2260 forarm blk/blk laminate.Went ahead and bought a Crosman band [Steel].I may pull the Bushnell Rdot from my Sig 522 for this unit rather than open sight. Still considering going PCP,just need to find a tank w/accessories at a reasonable price. Oh well,,,fun,fun,dun.

Picked up a Crosman SSP 250 from forum member Chads,definetly a excellent shooter with power.So far installed a trigger spring w/guide and a Williams notch sight for now,may go with a steel F/O rear sight in the future.I was looking for one of these for awhile not collector grade but a decent shooter to have fun with,this fits the bill perfectly!Chads let this go at a sweet price and and did a excellent job in packing it for quick delivery,I couldnt ask for anything more and appreciate it immensely.
Ran some Crosman Premier wadcutters and pointed pellets to test functionality,seems to like both really well so far.Have some more pellets to go thru to find what it really likes.Penetration with pointed pellets at 5-8 yrds is very good as it punched the back out of a small paperback book,not scientific but will work on small vermin if needed.

Updated pic's of my airguns. SSP250 was sold.
Posted by blkft1 | Nov 14, 2009 @ 01:15 AM | 11,303 Views
Rc projects:
AX10 Xtrail STILL IN THE WORKS!! Just added Rcbros diff lockers but sold the RC4WD steelies and Rockstompers.Plan on using a set of Mayhem Engineering 1.9 Double Fatty's and some RoxLox's [just bought some!].Meh,,,,? Who knows.
as of 12/7/12,,,Oh My GAWD I'll never finish this THING ,,,,,.

Creeper lives up to its name.Only upgrades are a Novak 55T,Fut Hi Torq servo and a set of RCbros solid alloy diff lockers.Still not sure about the paint scheme [too late now!],looks too much like my CR01 which now wears the Dodge the Creep is wearing a tuber frame from TCS crawlers.

CR01 is pretty much stock 'cept the Novak 55T,3305 servo,Losi alloy shocks,STRC bumper brace and bottom chassis brace.Did wear a FJ body but now sports the Ramcharger
Posted by blkft1 | Sep 22, 2009 @ 09:55 PM | 10,606 Views
Old 30+ something Tomica LandCruiser I had since a kid in Michigan. Mom like MB's and Tomica's due to the suspension or robustness of the cars. Been hitting FleaMarkets, Gsales, Craigslist and online forums replacing long lost old diecast friends. It's alot of fun trying to find that specific model I had, also other ones too.

Coupl'a restore and mild customs.Old flea market HW Stage Fright and a beater HW'er from the kids toybox.One Dremel,cheapy paint,JB Weld and a coupl'a donor/parts cars from the toybox junkyard makes for some lo-buck hotrod fun.

Updated my pic's, more MB's and others plus a Tomica Mercedes Gullwing I just received I've been on the hunt for! Long lost now replaced. Post a pic when it stops rainin'!...Continue Reading