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Posted by Splash2000 | Sep 14, 2020 @ 07:08 AM | 2,346 Views
Hi sorry if this has already been covered but i can't find it: Do i need a new motor?
Last week when on final and about to land i suddenly saw two people appear from nowhere right in front of my plane, i had to do an evasive manoeuvre which resulted in the wing tip striking the ground and caused the plane to cartwheel a few times and snapped off the whole back end just behind the two rear servos, i have repaired it very well and is as good as new but after doing 4 flights since then i am getting vibrations when using 50% power and over and the plane does not have the same power/climb that it did before the crash, even on full power it feels and looks like i am on about 1/3rd power, while holding the plane and going full throttle i can feel noticeable vibrations and it does feel less powerful than before, also on two occasions during these 4 after flights i have momentary lost control of the plane were for a few seconds it would not turn or pitch up when commanded to, luckily i was at over 80m high so had time for it to give me back control, is the motor causing excess drain on the system resulting in no power going to the receiver or servos?