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Posted by thermaled | Jun 17, 2021 @ 09:38 AM | 11,839 Views
Have had another light wind session with the AHI, same slope, but a hot sunny summer day this time with some booming thermals coming through. Was accompanied by a couple of hundred Crows and four Buzzards, made thermals much easier to spot, and my Ahi spent a lot of time circling at the bottom of the stack with those four Buzzards above , kind of cheating really, but did enjoy my session. Stopped of at the DS ridge on the way home, still had a bit of charge left in the second Ahi battery, and have seen a few videos of people DSing Ahi`s, what could go wrong? The main slopes are 80-100m high, but the ridge is about half that, so lift was a bit light, but once I had a bit of height, dived down the back and punched out into the lift at the front again a few times, needed to convince myself that it is possible to DS in this light of a wind. Then began a few circles and punching out on the first signs of slowing down, got up to 30 or 40 consecutive circuits before the inevitable happened, cross wind brain fart incident of some description sent the plane into the hill, now the rudder is detached. Damit, no willpower, just had to do it, but learnt my lesson, get some epp planes in the air for that, still, impressed it works in such a light wind though, and only have to tape up the rudder and its good to go.
In the workshop, have made a little progress. Forgotten just how sticky things get with a lost foam lay up. Think sticky the stick insect stuck on a sticky bun kind of sticky....Continue Reading
Posted by thermaled | Jun 12, 2021 @ 03:11 PM | 44,090 Views
First time blogger, here in the rolling hills of Wiltshire UK. Just getting back into slope soaring again after an eight or ten year break, older, fatter and much less fit than I used to be, feel the need to walk more around the local countryside, and the local hills in particular. I am quite lucky as the village where I live is in a valley and can fly off the slope in any wind direction, with a two to three hour hike to get there and back again. Of course its only ten minutes by car, some even less, but wont get fitter driving about, so will be generally walking to the slopes.
First hike today, and decided to carry two planes, a 48" Lumberjack that I have had for years, and an AHI which is new and only flown it once so far, in a rather light wind. Conditions today, thermally and rather light wind, 5 to 7 mph on the edge and dropping to zero, so a bit light for both planes but managed some flights with both, nice long grass for when I just ran out of lift. I had plenty of time to think though, between flights. What sort of planes do I want to fly? How to carry them to the slope with the backpack and bags that I have? What sort of planes would I like to build?
The AHI breaks down, which is why I bought it, though more fiddly to put together on the slope than I imagined, so carried it ready to fly this time. The Lumberjack fits onto the back of my pack no problem, just have to remember I am a wide load!!! Need one or two other somethings...Continue Reading