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Posted by N827TM | May 16, 2013 @ 02:11 AM | 13,260 Views
Early last year, I acquired two Eagle II boxes and a fuselage. However, I did not inventory the contents of the two boxes until Dec. 2012. Initially I thought there were two kits, unfortunately, there were not even enough parts to complete one kit. I found what was missing and 60 dollars later, I had parts to finish the kit. As popular as the Eaglet 50, 63 and Eagle II Trainers are, I decided, I did not want another trainer. I already have one, and a couple more kits in the shop.

Back in the mid 90's it was a fascination of mine to create a twin from a Goldberg Eagle II. I figured now I have the opportunity to do it. Next, I finally had to make a few decisions, Did i want to leave it a high wing or convert it to a low wing? Did I want flaps? Did I want retracts. I did a few things to help make the decision. I decided to cad the basic design of the airplane and move components (wing and tail) around until I found what I liked. I decided converting it to a low wing twin, with retracts and flaps.

The name "Franky D" came from a friend (Ben). My friend Dustin reignited the spark to start this project as he had done the same thing with a couple different ARF trainers. His trainer was called the Frankin Twin, as the wing and fuse were from different kits. So, I copied the name Frankin Twin, although my components are all from the Eagle Two. When Ben heard I was doing retracts and flaps, he then called it the Frankin Twin Deluxe, and the name "Franky D"...Continue Reading