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Posted by evo101 | Jun 20, 2012 @ 08:38 PM | 4,183 Views
I finally found the time to open up the F4 box my first impression was wow on the quality of the finish
If you like scale jets the F4 would be hard to go past, It looks smaller than the HABU32 but I think itís just the shape of the fuse n wings.
The paint on mine is excellent and the covering is nice and tight the Jet is well packed and protected in its box just like the habu32.

One thing I noticed is the use of extra strong magnets on the covers unlike the habu32's canopy lock n pin thingo.
Would have been nice if they attached the control surfaces to the wings like the habu32 but no big deal .

Anyway I had a quick go at trying to fit my 5000mah 8s packs (2 x 4s) looks like they will fit with one pack on top of the other but in doing so I donít think the pilots will fit bit of a negative I guess for the scale side of the jet
Like Tam said looks like a little weight will have to be added to the rear to find balance for 5000mah 8s
Fan almost drops in I will have to shave a very slight bit of wood where the fan mounts slide between the ply mounts (same as the habu32)

I still think this jet will be quite fast on more powerful set ups as for a scale Jet it still looks well streamlined the only real drag item Iím not keen are the panels on the intakes (i donít know there real name is and what are they for on the real F4e??)

Canít wait to take this baby up in to the sky